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Soothing those Sensitive Teeth in Weybridge

If you have things go wrong with your teeth, it is always useful someone professional to fall back on for advice and comfort and if you live in Weybridge, you should contact Mulberry Dental over in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey; they not only serve the area but are hot to trot when it comes to advice. Teeth are complex and can go wrong in many different ways and one condition that is particularly irritating is sensitive teeth. Though not the worst scenario to go wrong in the mouth, it is none-the-less a menace over a sustained period of time and can be caused by many different things. The first is if you are a bit gun-ho with your toothbrush and this can be abrasive to the enamel on your teeth. Tooth grinding is also highly destructive to your teeth. Then we are also vulnerable to the old guard of foes such as acid abrasion, tooth decay and gum disease. The results however are always the same; darting pains whenever you drink or eat hot and cold stuff, and air against the surfaces of the teeth. The remedy is to see a dentist first in order to get treated for said diseases and problems; this may also involve fluoride treatments to re-invigorate your enamel and the fitting of dental sealants for further protection to the surfaces of your teeth. Then, it’s down to you to be gentler with your teeth when cleaning them and to use of a mouthwash with extra fluoride in. Hopefully, by doing all of this, you can overcome the problem of sensitive teeth.


Dealing with those Sensitive Teeth in Weybridge

For all our endeavours to care to our teeth and gums, some things are still difficult to get right, especially if we have sensitive teeth. And it can be down to our exertions of brushing our teeth that can ironically cause sensitivity in the teeth. Teeth get touchy when the enamel becomes thin and aside from brushing, there are several other reasons that can cause this problem: teeth grinding is probably one of the most destructive ways that teeth can become sensitive. However, acid erosion, a cracked tooth, bleaching, tooth decay and gum disease also all contribute to the problem and overcoming this sensitivity can be as complex as the things that cause it. You can use sensitive toothpastes and get softer brushes- there are also mouthwashes designed to ease the issue as well. But probably the best person to turn to in Weybridge is your dentist; they can apply varnishes and sealants to the most vulnerable parts of your teeth and if you grind your teeth, supply you with a mouth-guard: they can also treat these sensitive areas with fluoride in order to re-mineralise the enamel of the teeth. Sensitive teeth need not be the bane of your life whenever you drink hot and cold or when you eat food. It is treatable and so you should contact Mulberry Dental Care in Walton for more information about sensitive teeth.

Restore your smile with Zoom teeth whitening from Sunbury dentist

Zoom teeth whitening is a procedure used throughout the UK to lighten the colour of tooth enamel and restore the appearance of discoloured teeth. Teeth whitening has been used as a cosmetic procedure for many years but it is only recently with the advent of such treatments as Zoom that it has become more widely available and affordable to all.

Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons, including what we eat and drink. Substances like red wine, coffee and tobacco can increase the rate of discolouration and result in unpleasant stains. However, even without these substances, teeth will naturally discolour with age. The thinking behind teeth whitening is therefore that by having whiter teeth you will appear younger and healthier and with the stunning results now achievable this is definitely the case.

The Zoom treatment works by using a special lamp to accelerate the bleaching process. The concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel then penetrates the enamel bleaching any stained substances white and restoring the enamel to its original colour. Zoom treatments are carried out in Sunbury dentist’s surgeries as dentists are fully trained to use the necessary safety equipment, as in the wrong hands the concentrated gel can cause damage to the soft tissue on the mouth.

The treatment usually takes around an hour, depending on the condition of the teeth, and can produce stunning results up to ten shades whiter. Repeat treatments are advised for patients wishing to achieve the best results, or specially prepared, low-concentration trays are available to take home for a more dramatic effect. The treatments are perfectly safe if professionally carried out with only minimal discomfort being experienced by some patients, similar to sensitive teeth, for several hours after the application.

A Weybridge Dentist Can Help You Manage Sensitive Teeth

When you have sensitive teeth, you may find that you refrain from eating all kinds of foods. As a result, you may not be able to enjoy a healthy diet. Today, you can ask your Weybridge dentist to help you find out why your teeth respond to certain things, as well as find a cure for your problem. Unfortunately, if you do not accept tooth sensitivity as a symptom of a dental issue, you may find that the problem will get much worse.

Consider a situation where your teeth are sensitive to heat and cold. Chances are, if your dentist examines your gums, he/she may find evidence of recession. In some cases, you may also have gum disease or other problems. If your gums are receding, there are therapies that may be able to help you. This includes grafts as well as other types of gum contouring. In a similar way, your dentist can make use of a number of procedures to ensure that gum disease does not continue to advance.

Unfortunately, if a tooth starts hurting suddenly, it may indicate the presence of an infection or fracture. As you may be aware, these issues are much easier to deal with early on. Regardless of whether you need a tooth canal or a crown, you can look forward to being able to chew without pain. In some cases, this may even help preserve the good health of you other teeth.

Each year, thousands of people develop some type of sensitivity in one or more teeth. Rather than go on suffering with this type of condition, you can let your dentist solve your problem. Aside from ensuring that you can eat without being in pain, you will also reduce the chances of not taking care a problem that could cause serious long term consequences.

Dental Bridges at Kingston upon Thames Dental Clinic

Kingston upon Thames dentists will use dental bridges to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Several types of dental bridges can be designed and fabricated, but this depends upon your individual circumstances. Included in these are traditional bridges, canti-lever bridges, and bridges that are fixed inside the mouth using a composite or resin material. Your Kingston upon Thames dentist will examine your teeth and then review a treatment plan with you to replace your missing teeth. While presenting this treatment plan, your dentist will go over the different types of bridges available, and the one that best suits you, along with its advantages and disadvantages. After agreeing to have a bridge made to replace your teeth, the dentist still use local anaesthesia to numb the area, and will use diamond drills to prepare the teeth to be used to hold the new bridges. When the preparations are completed, the dentist will take an impression of this area of your mouth using a type of dental putty, an opposing impression, a bite registration, and will then pick the appropriate shade from a shade guide. Following these procedures, a temporary acrylic bridge will be made for you to wear until your final bridge is ready for insertion. This temporary bridge will keep you teeth from moving, and will protect your teeth from sensitivity.
A missing tooth or teeth can cause bite problems and change the appearance of your mouth and/or the way your mouth functions, leading to TMJ and other complicated problems. At the Kingston upon Thames dental clinic, you will receive a complete detailed dental examination before a decision is made to perform bridgework in your mouth. All of the options will be explored and discussed with you. The dentist will make sure that you have optimal bone structure that will allow the bridge to be successful for many years thereafter.