JAW JOINT bite problems & occlusion Surrey

Some people experience clicking, grating, locking and severe pain in their jaw joints which can affect your speech, eating and even the quality of your sleep. Many tooth and gum problems are intimately related to the biting forces on particular teeth.

Dr Patel has undergone extensive training in the study of occlusion and jaw joint problems in the United States under the tuition of some of the world’s leading occlusion experts. He uses the latest computerised technology (Tekscan Tscan) to assess and diagnose jaw joint and bite problems. This revolutionary technology takes the “guesswork” out of joint and occlusion problems enabling Dr Patel to accurately assess the health of the jaw joint and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Symptoms of this may include morning headaches lasting throughout the day, facial pain, eye pain, neck pain with stiffness and clicking jaw joints. This problem can often be resolved using a special appliance that can be worn during the night.

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