Dealing with those Sensitive Teeth in Weybridge

For all our endeavours to care to our teeth and gums, some things are still difficult to get right, especially if we have sensitive teeth. And it can be down to our exertions of brushing our teeth that can ironically cause sensitivity in the teeth. Teeth get touchy when the enamel becomes thin and aside from brushing, there are several other reasons that can cause this problem: teeth grinding is probably one of the most destructive ways that teeth can become sensitive. However, acid erosion, a cracked tooth, bleaching, tooth decay and gum disease also all contribute to the problem and overcoming this sensitivity can be as complex as the things that cause it. You can use sensitive toothpastes and get softer brushes- there are also mouthwashes designed to ease the issue as well. But probably the best person to turn to in Weybridge is your dentist; they can apply varnishes and sealants to the most vulnerable parts of your teeth and if you grind your teeth, supply you with a mouth-guard: they can also treat these sensitive areas with fluoride in order to re-mineralise the enamel of the teeth. Sensitive teeth need not be the bane of your life whenever you drink hot and cold or when you eat food. It is treatable and so you should contact Mulberry Dental Care in Walton for more information about sensitive teeth.