Nervous Patient dentistry

Worried about seeing the dentist? Nervous about needles? You’re not alone. Around one in four Brits suffer from dental phobia. In fact, nerves are the number one reason why patients avoid seeking treatment.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry.

The Mulberry is a phobia-certified clinic and Surrey’s number-one dental practice for the treatment of nervous and anxious patients. We’ve helped thousands of patients just like you to overcome their fears and finally receive the treatment they need. 

It’s one of the reasons why many of our clientele travel for miles to experience care in our expert hands.

If you are nervous about visiting, we encourage you to take the first small step of picking up the phone. A quick chat with our friendly team may be all you need to take the first step.

Our Promise to Nervous Patients    

We believe that every single patient deserves to be listened to and that no dental fear is trivial or unfounded. We’ve developed a unique way of working, which puts nervous and anxious patients in full control of their own treatment.

Let’s Talk

We’ll begin by listening closely and paying your concerns the care and attention they deserve. Once we understand the source of your fears, we’ll put a bespoke treatment plan together, taking things at your pace.    

You’re in Control 

PLacing you in full control over treatment is the next step in helping you to feel comfortable about visiting the dentist. We’ll start slowly, only when you feel ready – and we’ll let you set the pace throughout.

Armed with Info

Where dentistry is concerned, there are no silly questions. We’ll give you all the information you need to know about your treatment. And if we leave anything out? Just ask. 

Relaxed Space

We know that dental surgeries aren’t always the most relaxing of environments. At The Mulberry, we’ve changed that by designing a relaxing space with a calm ambience to make you feel right at home. 

Introducing – The Wand

We can now administer local anaesthetic without the use of a needle. That’s thanks to our Wand – the computer-assisted, painless alternative to needle anaesthetics. It makes treatment much easier, far more comfortable and a lot less stressful. If you’re nervous about needles, ask our team about The Wand!

Sedation for Nervous Patients

Many of our nervous patients prefer to undergo treatment while under gentle sedation. Our phobia-certified dentists can use sedation techniques to help you feel relaxed and in a dreamlike state while treatment passes in an instant.

For even for the most hopeless of dental-phobics, sedation transforms appointments from something an experience to be dreaded into one they look forward to.    

And by using sedation techniques, our dental team can often achieve more work in a single sitting – meaning fewer visits to the clinic.

Get Ready to Relax 

With The Mulberry Dental Clinic, your treatment needn’t be a cause of anxiety. In fact, with a little planning and care, you might just start to like visiting the dentist. 

To talk to us about treatment and take the first step to getting your dental health back on track, call the team now on 01932 223 479 or send us your questions using the contact form below.  

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