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Mulberry Dental is one of a handful of UK practices with the knowledge and experience to provide extraordinary zygomatic dental implants.

The benefits of zygomatic implant surgery

  • Zygomatic implant surgery is substantially less invasive than traditional bone grafting or sinus lifting, meaning it’s more comfortable for you and the whole procedure can be carried out in just one day.
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What are zygomatic implants?

Zygomatic implants are placed in the upper jaw when there is not enough bone for ordinary dental implants. They offer support for implant bridgework where a considerable amount of bone loss has occurred in the upper jaw, meaning ordinary implants cannot be used alone to support a bridge.

These implants are longer than regular implants and anchor to the strong bone that forms the zygomatic arch (the cheekbone). Their additional length means the implants can be used as an alternative to traditional grafting operations, meaning it’s possible to conduct surgery in a single stage. Before zygomatic implant surgery, we will take a CBCT scan to assess how much bone is available in the upper jaw so we can plan the precise placement of the implants.

The treatment procedure

Before treatment, we may create an anatomical model of your jaw. This will help us to visualise the exact shape of the jaw and cheekbone without the need for invasive surgery. We typically use two zygomatic implants along with 2-4 ordinary implants. We can even use four zygomatic implants if the bone availability is especially limited.

In some cases, we may use guided surgery to ensure the zygomatic implants are placed accurately. A fixed composite bridge will be fitted on the same day we place the implants to allow you a more permanent alternative to dentures in one single session.

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