Dentures in Surrey

Dentures act as removable replacements for people who have lost all or just a few teeth. There are different types of dentures out there, including ‘complete’ and ‘partial’ dentures, but the basic principles are the same. The fitting of dentures can prevent further tooth loss and personal anxiety. Dentures can be manufactured using a multitude of different materials, but your Mulberry Dental dentist will be able to advise you on which best suits your needs. Dentures are kept in place by the natural suction force within the mouth.


  • They provide an increase in confidence for those who have lost teeth

  • Users are able to properly chew food again

  • They enable improved pronunciation in speech

  • They look just like real teeth

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are a full set of replacement teeth. They can greatly improve your day-to-day life and will allow you to perform all the activities you could with your original teeth. Sometimes it is necessary to wait until your gums have healed before these types of dentures are fitted and this is due to the fact that your gums will fluctuate and change in size after the loss of your teeth.

Partial Dentures

If you have not lost all your teeth, it is still possible to create a partial denture that will blend in with the remaining teeth. This style of denture is attached by connecting itself to your remaining teeth. Partial dentures can have a lot of benefits for those who have only a few missing teeth. Just like complete dentures they can help you speak naturally and allow you to eat food properly again. Most importantly, partial dentures can reduce the risk of losing your remaining teeth.

How are they fitted?

At Mulberry Dental our Surrey dentist will assess your situation and see if you are suitable for dentures and answer any questions you may have. Upon your initial examination, our dentist may decide if it is necessary to remove any other teeth to allow your dentures to fit correctly. It is also possible for our dentist to perform a thorough hygienic clean on the gums, to make sure they are in a good standard of health before the procedure. We will then take a mould of your mouth that will go to a dental technician to create your customised replacement teeth.

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