All-on-4 Treatment Surrey

Here at Mulberry Dental we offer our patients the option of All-on-Four treatment, also known as the ‘Smile in a day’ procedure. Using this procedure our dentists are able to provide you with a brand new smile after just one visit! The unique All-on-Four method is an alternative approach to other forms of dental implants, such as root-form implants, and allows the patient to receive a fully-fixed permanent bridge of teeth that are attached onto only four implants, enabling the work to be completed in just one day.

How does it work?

The name ‘All-on-Four’ simply means that four dental implants are inserted into specific areas that will allow the new teeth to be attached. These implants are similar to the screws used in root-form implants. One of the reasons why the All-on-Four method is so special is because of the way the implant screws are inserted. By inserting a screw at a specific angle, more bone is utilised to hold the screw, which provides extra support. If you are a patient who has been told in the past that you do not qualify for implants, you may still be able to receive treatment through the All-on-Four procedure.

What are the advantages of the All-on-Four method?

Once the implants are fitted it is possible to start eating after a short amount of time

The fixtures are permanently fixed

There is far less need for a bone graft

This method is less painful than other procedures

The implants are easily maintained

It is a much more cost efficient method of receiving implants

A whole set of teeth can be fixed in place by just four implants

Things to note

Occasionally, there may be a need to use up to six implants instead of four; however, this is not unusual in this procedure. It all depends on the individual and personal factors such as bone density.

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