6 Month Smiles & Teeth Straightening Treatment Surrey

Are your teeth crooked or crowded? Or do you have unwanted gaps or spaces between them ? Previously the only way to straighten them was by having either fixed conventional orthodontics or the invisalign treatment which can take up to 2 years (even 3 years in some instances).

Benefits of 6 Month Smiles

  • The wires used are a lot smaller and tooth colured, making them far less visible than conventional train track braces

  • Treatment time is faster – 6 months compared to 2-3 years!

  • Gentle repositioning of the teeth keeps discomfort levels down to the minimum

  • Treatment with the Six month Smiles Braces is cheaper than conventional braces treatment.

Now the new revolutionary 6 month smiles treatment can offer a solution to your crooked or misaligned teeth in as little as six months.

Here at Mulberry Dental, Dr Riten Patel is highly experienced in orthodontics and has used a wide range of different teeth straightening techniques from traditional metal braces and the Inman aligner to clear braces using the Invisalign system.

The 6 month smiles system offers the patient that is a hybrid between traditional braces and the invisalign clear braces system and is ideal for those that want fast results and dont want the large visible metal train tracks.

The principle behind 6 month orthodontics is that we focus on correcting and moving the teeth that show when you smile. By focusing the treatment on the “look” of your smile we can achieve must faster treatment times.

Once you have had the six month smiles braces fitted you will need to come back for regular visits about every 4-6 weeks for small adjustments of your braces. This appointment times will only be short 10-15 minute appointments

After your treatment with the six month braces is complete you will need to wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from moving back.

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