A Weybridge Dentist Can Help You Manage Sensitive Teeth

When you have sensitive teeth, you may find that you refrain from eating all kinds of foods. As a result, you may not be able to enjoy a healthy diet. Today, you can ask your Weybridge dentist to help you find out why your teeth respond to certain things, as well as find a cure for your problem. Unfortunately, if you do not accept tooth sensitivity as a symptom of a dental issue, you may find that the problem will get much worse.

Consider a situation where your teeth are sensitive to heat and cold. Chances are, if your dentist examines your gums, he/she may find evidence of recession. In some cases, you may also have gum disease or other problems. If your gums are receding, there are therapies that may be able to help you. This includes grafts as well as other types of gum contouring. In a similar way, your dentist can make use of a number of procedures to ensure that gum disease does not continue to advance.

Unfortunately, if a tooth starts hurting suddenly, it may indicate the presence of an infection or fracture. As you may be aware, these issues are much easier to deal with early on. Regardless of whether you need a tooth canal or a crown, you can look forward to being able to chew without pain. In some cases, this may even help preserve the good health of you other teeth.

Each year, thousands of people develop some type of sensitivity in one or more teeth. Rather than go on suffering with this type of condition, you can let your dentist solve your problem. Aside from ensuring that you can eat without being in pain, you will also reduce the chances of not taking care a problem that could cause serious long term consequences.