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I would just like to thank you for the care you and your staff have given to me. You have restored my faith in dentists and for that I thank you.


I have not a bad word to say about Mulberry Dental! Its been a fantastic experience from beginning to end! The team that worked on my teeth are all completely lovely people and the results have excelled my expectations! It was great to be made to feel so special rather than one of many on a conveyor belt, which is what lesser establishments offer. I absolutely adore my new smile, it is the ultimate accessory!

Thank you so much to all at Mulberry Dental!


For quite a while I had concerns about the health of my teeth and gums knowing that poor dental health can affect your general wellbeing. My previous dentist had retired and I had allowed the problem to be brushed to one side and my teeth were neglected for several years. It was always ‘I’ll sort it out tomorrow’. After a period of sensitivity and general unhappiness about the appearance of my teeth I found Mulberry Dental.

After speaking with Riten and his team I realised that not only could he draw up a treatment plan, but that I would be able to take out an interest-free credit option to spread the cost. Even better  – his digital photos could show me firsthand the problems underneath my teeth that I was unaware of. He also helped me prioritise my treatment with the most urgent work done first. With the team’s support, I was able to maintain a positive approach to my treatment and focus on all the right reasons why my teeth had to come first for a change. I had total confidence in Riten’s ability and judgement and Isla’s support to put you at ease. The treatment was done in a relaxed and entertaining way with the bonus of your choice of film to watch!

Since finishing my treatment and having my teeth whitened I have developed a new respect for my oral hygiene. All of the team have made me realise the importance of maintaining and caring for my teeth. I would like to thank Riten and his assistant Isla, Becky on reception, and Suzie the hygienist. A fabulous team who will give you fabulous teeth.

The icing on the cake was when friends began to comment on how well and youthful I looked. One even asked me if I’d had a facelift!  “No,” I replied.  “I just had my teeth restored.”

Thanks for my lovely smile


The first words that I said to Riten Patel, were that I would like to be able to eat an apple without leaving my teeth in it!

A hereditary (severe) gum disease was eating away at my gums, leaving me with very wobbly teeth which were on the verge of falling out one by one. My top teeth also stuck out a bit, so I hid them whenever I smiled.

I had asked my previous dentist about implants but was told that it would not be possible. Because of the lack of healthy gum, they wouldn’t take. Not entirely convinced that was the case, I looked around for another dentist that might be able to help and who knew a bit more about implants. I had seen an advert for Mulberry Dental in a local paper, so decided to give them a ring. It was the best phone call I could ever make.

I made an appointment for a consultation, and from then on it was all systems go. Within a couple of weeks, I had all my teeth removed and temporary dentures fitted.

Over the following months, I had various procedures, with Riz rebuilding my top and bottom gums ready for implants to be fitted. Then they were in! It took a further three months for everything to take, and then came the bridge fittings. At that point, I was lucky enough for the technician (David) to attend my appointment as well, to talk over with me the colour and style of bridge that I felt comfortable with.

Then on the 23rd December 2009, I was finally fitted with my lovely new teeth. It has been a long haul (Fixodent denture adhesive sales will now go down) but it has been worth every minute. I can now smile with confidence, and love the way that they feel and make me look. In fact, I smile a lot more now than I ever did.

Do I have any regrets? yes, one – that I hadn’t contacted Mulberry Dental years earlier!!

So my heartfelt thanks to all at Mulberry Dental – Riten, Riz, Isla, Becky and Susie. You are STARS!!!!


I just wanted to say thank you for my smile makeover. After years of hiding my smile and worrying about ruining friends’ photographs, I now have the confidence to laugh in public and ‘pose’ for the camera! I spent many anxious months thinking about how I could manage to overcome my issues within a budget before my wedding, and I am so glad I found Mulberry.

From my first visit there I felt at ease and knew there was light at the end of the tunnel. The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming. Who knew that going to the dentist could actually be fun? The DVD glasses really help to pass the time and take your mind off the work being done. The treatment you carried out has made such a difference to my confidence and my wedding photos are amazing. The aftercare has also been brilliant and I feel much more educated in oral health so that I can maintain my lovely pearly whites!


I was very conscious about my smile, I never showed my teeth in photos which all the team at Mulberry completely sympathised with. My free consultation with Dr Patel put me completely at ease and got rid of all my fears about having braces. The Invisalign product was fantastic, no friends or colleagues realised I was having treatment done, in my work I am always on the phone but Invisalign was comfortable and didn’t alter my speech. My treatment turned into pleasure. After being scared of dental work for a long time, I enjoyed coming to see Dr Patel and the team. The confidence my new smile has given me is great and I am over the moon with the finished result!.

Thank you.

Gemma Wheeler

As you know, I had always been extremely nervous and anxious about visits to the dentist since my early childhood, to the extent it had developed into a phobic situation. Now at the age of 58 years, I feel very fortunate indeed to have found and been a patient of yourself and your excellent team at Mulberry Dental.

As soon as entering the surgery, I feel safe in the knowledge that I am in both caring and professional hands and that the team have only my very best interest at heart. If ever I have any questions or fears over a particular procedure, you patiently listen and talk me through the relevant aspects of the work in order to ease my anxiety of the situation.

Your care and consideration for me do not end when I leave the surgery, as either Isla or Becky will always phone me later at home to ensure all is well and I really appreciate this ‘follow up’ courtesy call.

Without the dedication of your whole team, I feel I would not now be proceeding with the much overdue dental work that I require. The thought of having to undergo i.v. sedation in combination with extractions and implant surgery in the chair would have previously been beyond my capability and would have completely ‘freaked me out’.

The team have earned my complete trust and I cannot praise or thank you enough for your perseverance in understanding my situation and the way in which you have all enabled me to overcome my phobia

I would thoroughly recommend anyone who suffers with similar anxieties of the dentist, to visit you and the team to discuss their situation and hopefully allay any fears they may have.


Before he came to Walton-on-Thames and took over my previous dentist’s practice, I was absolutely terrified of going to visit the dentist to the point where I once didn’t go for a check-up for six years! I ended up getting an abscess in my tooth which I ignored and ignored hoping it would go away and I wouldn’t have to visit the dentist until the side of my face swelled up massively and I felt really ill and got sent home from work. I went to the dentist, crying all the way, and ended up being referred to a place where they sedate you so they do all the work while you sleep. After that, my dentist always sent me to the same place to have any work done and I was devastated when he retired and I decided to stop going to the dentist again.

Eventually, I broke a tooth and had to get it fixed. My Mum, who was also terrified of dentists but had already been to see Riten, assured me that Riten was fine and really put her at ease so I went along but took her with me (despite me being into my 30s!)

As soon as I walked in, he treated me like he was really happy to meet me. He had a look at the tooth and went through the various options with me. I chose to have a crown after he explained the procedure and how easy it was thanks to all the newest technology he uses (whenever I mention getting a crown to anyone I know, they pull a face and start talking about having moulds made and having to go back again but it’s all done in one visit with Riten). I was a bit wary when they mentioned DVD glasses as I thought I wouldn’t be able to concentrate while he was working on my teeth as I’d want to know exactly what he was doing and what to expect but I ended up enjoying the DVD and finding the dental work going on slightly annoying more than anything as I was trying to watch the DVD! Afterwards, he told me I’d done really well and acted like I was really brave and I actually felt a bit guilty for being congratulated as I’d been feeling so at ease!

I went back up for a check-up, still taking my mum along, and was greeted like an old friend. He showed me pictures of problem areas of my teeth and explained anything that needed to be done. I didn’t hesitate to go back and have a couple of fillings done as I was already beginning to feel less nervous leading up to the appointments. (I used to literally count down the months until my six-monthly check-up).

Something I find really helps put me at ease during the procedure is that from under the DVD glasses, I can see the screen when Riten takes a picture of my teeth at various stages of the treatment to show me afterwards. This helps me stay calm as I can tell which stage he is at, eg I know when the drilling (the worst part) has finished by the picture he takes. Not that I can feel much of what he is doing thanks to the amount he injects to make me nice and numb. I do still hate the drilling but don’t really feel it when he does it so I can easily deal with it.

Riten suggested I go to see the hygienist and assured me that she was really good and he wouldn’t be working with her if she wasn’t. I already trusted him and believed what he told me, due to his kind manner so I now go to see her regularly. While she is taking care of my teeth, Riten comes in to give me a check-up which really takes the stress out of those regular check-ups as I don’t even have to get up and go into his surgery!

Something else that really helps keep the visits stress free is the amount of time dedicated to each patient. Nothing is ever rushed. He acts like he is really interested in you as a person and what you have to say. You know if you are worried about anything you can ask questions and he will take his time to answer any fears you may have. Also, it means he is never running late with his appointments so you don’t spend loads of time in the waiting room feeling anxious.

Now, whenever I have a toothache or lose a bit of tooth, I actually look forward to going to the dentist to get it sorted, rather than hiding the problem, hoping it will go away. My mum no longer has to come with me, I wouldn’t even dream of asking her to come now!

Sally Green

My journey to a smile ……..after having my new teeth fitted a week ago, I cannot stop smiling – I am so very, very pleased with my new implant teeth. They look so natural and are just beautiful. What a difference to 18 months ago when I was distraught because of crowns falling out and a very wobbly front bridge. Finding Mulberry Dental was like an oasis. The welcome I received on my first visit was reassuring – I was impressed by the very smart, well-equipped surgery and the professional and friendly consultation with Dr Patel. For me, the ‘journey’ to implants was an exciting one as my wish was to have beautiful teeth so that I could smile with confidence and eat anything I wanted without worrying about my teeth falling out. Dr Patel and Dr Syed paved the way so very professionally. Every step went so well – from extractions, temporary denture fit, sinus lift, bone augmentation, implants and final fitting of teeth. I cannot but marvel at the immense skill and dedication of Dr Patel and Dr Syed – and they are such lovely gentlemen. I must also mention Isla and Becky who are so efficient and looked after me so well and always with a friendly smile – and not forgetting Susie who is the best hygienist I have ever been to.

I feel that a new era of life has started for me – such is the confidence I have with my beautiful new teeth – a million thank you’s to all at Mulberry Dental – you are the best.


It was a year ago since I first entered Mulberry Dental practice, feeling nervous and somewhat embarrassed at the poor condition that I had let my teeth fall into. However, even from that very first consultation, I felt completely at ease with you and your team. Your combined professionalism and friendly approach, right from when you open the door to Becky’s smiling face through to having my procedures watching the latest videos, has been a great experience and I never thought I’d be saying that about a dentist!

Throughout, I have always felt that you all have a genuine concern for my wellbeing and as you know, I am truly delighted with my new crowns and two implants. My new smile has given me a real incentive to look after my teeth in the future and with Susie’s guidance, I’ve become a mean fiend with the dental floss!

! wish you all continued success and thank you once again for your support over the months to achieve my new smile.


I just want to say thank you for my “smile makeover”. I came to see you six weeks before my wedding and I just wanted some nice wedding photos. From the moment I met you I felt at complete ease. I thank you for explaining everything so well and listening to what I wanted. Everyone at the wedding kept saying I looked different and I couldn’t stop smiling. I have already recommended you to so many people I just wish I had had my teeth done years ago. Again I thank you and your staff for your genuine care and love.

Thank you again

Mrs K W

This is just a quick note to say thank you to you and your team. I was a little bit apprehensive about seeing a new dentist but you were so kind and gentle. I love my new “Cerec” restorations and was amazed by the whole process. I have had a conventional crown before and I certainly prefer your method of treatment with no impressions and no waiting. I can’t wait to get the rest of my metal fillings replaced.

Thank you so much

Mrs R G

I just want to say thank you to you and your entire team for my new white teeth. You explained the process so well and gave me so many options. After treatment with the laser, I could not believe how good my teeth looked. I can’t stop looking in the mirror and my cheeks hurt from the constant smiling.

Thank you

Miss T B

I had to write to you to say thank you for my new smile. The way in which you and your team have treated me has really touched me. I have never received so much attention in anything I have done. You listened to everything I said and delivered everything I wanted plus much more. I can’t believe my old teeth can look this good. I will recommend you to everyone I meet

Thank you so much

Mr G T

For a few years, I was very unhappy with the way my teeth looked, I felt uncomfortable smiling in front of people and this knocked my confidence. Over the course of a year, I toyed with the idea of having the Invisalign treatment done and I very pleased that decided to go ahead with it as I am so happy with my new smile and I feel I have my confidence back. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who has thought about getting their teeth done. Mulberry Dental is made up of a fantastic team of staff… I am very grateful to you all for making me feel special and for giving me my beautiful smile.


Mulberry Dental