PAD Laser Disinfection Technology Surrey

At Mulberry Dental we are always looking out for the next piece of advanced technology to start making new ground in the dental arena, which is why we are so delighted to have the PAD (Photo-Activated Oral Disinfection) technology join our ranks.

What are the benefits of PAD Laser Treatment?

Patients are not as likely to need anesthetic

It is ideal for people who may be anxious about dental procedures

It is much less traumatic for children

It greatly improves dental hygiene

It reduces the risk of reoccurring infections

It is a very effective, pain-free disinfectant procedure

It is kinder to teeth and gums than standard dental treatment

PAD laser technology is revolutionising many procedures in orthodontics and creating a new standard in oral hygiene. This unique procedure uses a special solution called tolonium chloride and a particular frequency of red light, which activates the liquid. When the special solution locates the bacteria in the mouth it highlights the affected area, then, once the laser is directed to the targeted area, it eliminates the oral bacteria in a rapid amount of time, sometimes as quick as two seconds.

One major aspect of the PAD laser that makes it so exceptional is that it only targets and treats affected areas and omits the areas that are unaffected. Another bonus of PAD laser technology is that it will not cause any resistant diseases to develop. Many patients will also be pleased to know that the treatment is completely pain-free.

Advantages for nervous patients

Because this is an advanced form of laser treatment that minimises any pain or discomfort felt by the patient, PAD Laser treatment is an excellent option for nervous patients or people with dental phobia. Mulberry Dental team will be happy to discuss this treatment option with you during a consultation.

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