Smile Makeovers

There is more than one way of restoring a smile to its former glory. And sometimes we may use a combination of approaches to achieve perfection.

We call this a smile makeover. 

It’s a comprehensive treatment plan using  a host of techniques to repair, straighten and whiten your way to smile glory. 

Our makeover is responsible for transforming thousands of smiles, with results so dramatic that many patients say it’s changed their lives.   

Winning Combo

The Mulberry’s multi-talented cosmetic team has a full range of treatments at their disposal for creating amazing smiles. Our famous Smile Makeover puts a selection of them to work in creating a fully-customised smile you’ll want to wear all day long. 


Our complete range of orthodontic solutions let you say goodbye to crooked and overcrowded teeth for good. And we offer fast, invisible aligners that get the job done in as little as six months.

Tooth Replacement

When you want to beam from ear-to-ear, missing teeth can let the side down. Luckily, we offer a range of options for replacing missing teeth permanently, including natural bridges and implants in a single day. 

Tooth Repair

We want to preserve teeth wherever possible. Our team repairs minor damage with precision-crafted crowns, veneers and bridges for a look that’s so natural that no one will ever know.


A perfect shade of white for a perfect smile is the icing on the cake. Choose from our whiten-at-home system or in-clinic whitening for even more amazing results. 

Ready for Your Makeover?

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