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Here at Mulberry Dental we offer our patients a large choice of braces, including the innovative lingual brace system. Lingual braces operate in exactly the same way as traditional braces with one exception – the brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth rather than on the outside. For those who are seeking the correction of crooked or misaligned teeth, lingual braces could be a more cosmetically appealing option.

What are the advantages of lingual braces?

  • They are out of sight and more cosmetically appealing

  • Speech is not affected by the brace

  • They are smaller than traditional braces and comfortable to wear

  • Fewer check up appointments are needed

  • They are a cost-effective treatment for misaligned teeth

  • Use advanced self-ligating technology

How are they fitted?

Lingual braces are much easier to fit than traditional braces. The smaller bracket size and fewer wires (some patients may only need one) mean that the fitting is relatively quicker and less painful than the traditional method. The fitting method is very similar to that of traditional braces; on the first visit the dentist will take a mould of the teeth and the fitting will take approximately two sessions to complete.

Some patients may experience some mild discomfort after fitting. This is common and will reduce over a period of time. After the fitting patients will need to maintain a good level of oral hygiene to avoid any plaque build-up.

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