Denture Stabilisation with implants in Surrey

Dentures can sometimes become loose and this can lead to irritation and discomfort. Loose dentures can also cause speech impediments and problems when eating and they are generally very uncomfortable for the wearer. This occurs due to bone loss and the shrinkage of gums and generally happens after years of wearing dentures.

However, badly fitted dentures needn’t be the norm and using implants is the best and most popular way to stabilise and secure your dentures so they fit perfectly. At Mulberry Dental you can choose denture stabilisation to secure your loose dentures and restore confidence in your smile.

Locator attachment
Ball attachment
Bar attachment

Denture stabilisation is very simple to carry out and involves dental implants being inserted into the jaw at strategic points, to provide a stable base for your dentures. Once your dentures have been stabilised you can eat, speak and smile with a greater sense of confidence, as you will never have to worry about your teeth coming loose or falling out again.

Having your dentures secured at Mulberry Dental will also mean a greater life expectancy for your dentures and for your gums and jaw, lasting for many, many years.

Main benefits of secured dentures

  • Dentures will not come loose

  • No irritation due to rubbing

  • Allows you to eat a full and varied diet

  • Prevents bone degeneration

  • Creates a full and stable smile

If you feel that you could benefit from denture stabilisation, please feel free to book an appointment at the practice and see what the Mulberry Dental team can do for you.

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