Dental Bridges at Kingston upon Thames Dental Clinic

Kingston upon Thames dentists will use dental bridges to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Several types of dental bridges can be designed and fabricated, but this depends upon your individual circumstances. Included in these are traditional bridges, canti-lever bridges, and bridges that are fixed inside the mouth using a composite or resin material. Your Kingston upon Thames dentist will examine your teeth and then review a treatment plan with you to replace your missing teeth. While presenting this treatment plan, your dentist will go over the different types of bridges available, and the one that best suits you, along with its advantages and disadvantages. After agreeing to have a bridge made to replace your teeth, the dentist still use local anaesthesia to numb the area, and will use diamond drills to prepare the teeth to be used to hold the new bridges. When the preparations are completed, the dentist will take an impression of this area of your mouth using a type of dental putty, an opposing impression, a bite registration, and will then pick the appropriate shade from a shade guide. Following these procedures, a temporary acrylic bridge will be made for you to wear until your final bridge is ready for insertion. This temporary bridge will keep you teeth from moving, and will protect your teeth from sensitivity.
A missing tooth or teeth can cause bite problems and change the appearance of your mouth and/or the way your mouth functions, leading to TMJ and other complicated problems. At the Kingston upon Thames dental clinic, you will receive a complete detailed dental examination before a decision is made to perform bridgework in your mouth. All of the options will be explored and discussed with you. The dentist will make sure that you have optimal bone structure that will allow the bridge to be successful for many years thereafter.