At Mulberry Dental in Surrey we use the latest fast acting, discreet brace systems for straightening and moving crooked teeth into a perfectly aligned beautiful smile that you will be proud of. Dr Riten Patel has trained extensively in the field of orthodontics and is particularly interested in reshaping smiles using braces. Many patients from London visit Mulberry Dental for orthodontic treatments due to its close proximity, and unparalleled level of cosmetic treatment.

What is the procedure followed by our Orthodontic team?

Dr Patel will examine your teeth and discuss how the system will work to reshape your smile and the likely time frame involved. Every case is unique and Dr Patel’s expertise in orthodontics enables him to find the right treatment and tailor it to the individual patient. Once your treatment has been planned the latest technology will be used to create and fit your braces, and Dr Patel’s expertise will ensure your treatment gives you the smile you want.

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