Restore your smile with Zoom teeth whitening from Sunbury dentist

Zoom teeth whitening is a procedure used throughout the UK to lighten the colour of tooth enamel and restore the appearance of discoloured teeth. Teeth whitening has been used as a cosmetic procedure for many years but it is only recently with the advent of such treatments as Zoom that it has become more widely available and affordable to all.

Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons, including what we eat and drink. Substances like red wine, coffee and tobacco can increase the rate of discolouration and result in unpleasant stains. However, even without these substances, teeth will naturally discolour with age. The thinking behind teeth whitening is therefore that by having whiter teeth you will appear younger and healthier and with the stunning results now achievable this is definitely the case.

The Zoom treatment works by using a special lamp to accelerate the bleaching process. The concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel then penetrates the enamel bleaching any stained substances white and restoring the enamel to its original colour. Zoom treatments are carried out in Sunbury dentist’s surgeries as dentists are fully trained to use the necessary safety equipment, as in the wrong hands the concentrated gel can cause damage to the soft tissue on the mouth.

The treatment usually takes around an hour, depending on the condition of the teeth, and can produce stunning results up to ten shades whiter. Repeat treatments are advised for patients wishing to achieve the best results, or specially prepared, low-concentration trays are available to take home for a more dramatic effect. The treatments are perfectly safe if professionally carried out with only minimal discomfort being experienced by some patients, similar to sensitive teeth, for several hours after the application.