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Kingston upon Thames dentists help stop bruxism by getting to the bottom of what is causing it

Grinding your teeth together is probably something that most people don’t do in their every day lives. It doesn’t feel pleasant and it has bad consequences for the health of teeth. But what about when you are sleeping? The problem is that you might not even know that you are doing it. This is what dentists call bruxism and it can cause complications when it comes to your oral health.

Medical professionals reckon that there are two primary causes of nocturnal teeth grinding. Stress can manifest itself in all sorts of different ways in different patients, including the grinding of teeth during sleep. The second major cause is that teeth are not aligned properly and therefore the patient grinds them together while sleeping.

Kingston upon Thames dentists cannot do much to help with the stress of their patients; that is a matter for health professionals of a different stripe. But in cases where bruxism is being caused by misaligned teeth then dentists can advise patients to undergo some sort of tooth straightening treatment. It is essential that bruxism is stopped wherever it occurs because it can have serious implications for the health of sufferers’ mouths.

The substance called enamel guards our teeth and it is generally very hard wearing. However it is threatened not only plaque but also by teeth grinding. Once the enamel is worn away then plaque has an even better chance of attacking the fundamental structure of teeth and causing cavities. For any patient who suffers from bruxism it will be advisable to wear a mouth guard during sleep. These devices take the impact off the grinding and protect the enamel.

Get the lowdown on having your porcelain veneers replaced with Surbiton dentists

Few things in life last forever and porcelain dental veneers are no exception. After a time they may need to be replaced so that they are as good as new again. A persistent worry of patients, especially those who have had veneers installed when they are young, is how often these veneers can be replaced. Read on to find out more information about this issue.

Ultimately there are two types of veneer, those of thinner and thicker varieties. Thinner porcelain veneers (and they can be incredibly thin these days) are made to be replaced. They are very durable but really only have a life span of about three to five years and replacing them is no problem at all.

Where there can be an issue is with the thicker variety of porcelain veneer. This is because dentists will sometimes have to remove a little of the existing tooth in order to accommodate the veneer in the first place. These thicker veneers have an average life span of somewhere in the region of ten to fifteen years so it is not something that has to be considered often. Dentists are experts in these issues and they will be able to achieve it though.

You should not let this put you off considering dental veneers as a solution though. They are extremely effective at what they do in covering up misaligned, chipped, cracked or slightly broken down teeth and they can really boost your self confidence by improving the look and appeal of your smile.

You can talk through any issues about porcelain dental veneers with your Surbiton dentist the next time you are at the surgery.

Sunbury dentists straighten teeth effectively with braces

Having the perfect smile can give your confidence a great boost. Social situations and putting others at ease often require you to smile without embarrassment. So what can you do if you have crooked or misaligned teeth? Braces represent a tried and tested solution that millions of people have used over the years to correct problems with their teeth.

Braces work using a combination of metal brackets and wires. The brackets are attached to the teeth and have wire threaded through them. At regular meetings with your dentist the wire will be tightened so that the teeth are adjusted into the desired positions.

In order to create a brace that is perfectly suited to your unique mouth, your dentist will take moulds of your teeth using dental putty. These moulds will then be turned into impressions. The brackets are then attached to the teeth using etchant to ensure that they stay in place.

Sometimes braces have to be worn for as long as three years and some people find them unsightly and even uncomfortable. It is worth bearing in mind that other options are increasingly available. Friction free braces, for example, are more comfortable for the wearer and there are a number of products on the market which are more discreet than traditional braces. Six Months Smile, for example, uses nickel titanium wires which match the colour of your teeth. In this case though, they are only suitable for minor alignment issues.

If you have a major problem with crooked teeth, a misaligned bite or over crowded teeth, talk to your Sunbury dentist today about the long term solutions which are offered by braces.

Inman Aligners; why you should consider them, by a Kingston-upon-Thames dentist

A Kingston-upon-Thames dentist has recently been assessing the value of the Inman Aligner. The brace is a system that does in a very short time what braces used to take years to do. They are used exclusively to solve misalignment of teeth on the front of the mouth, a different system is used to fix teething misalignment on the back and inside teeth. The brace is made of a clear material and has all its pressure points integrated within the wiring system, the only part that is visible to the eye is the thin front wire that holds it all together. The dentist will make the series of braces and fit them every two weeks, the whole process is unique to the individual client and their particular problem. The braces are removable for the convenience of eating and cleaning purposes, and as long as you keep them in for at least 20 hours a day you can take them out and replace them as often as you like. The treatment process is all tractable using a 3D film that the system makes to assist the dentist to keep an eye on whether or not the process is working as well as the plan allows it. As the teeth are manoeuvred into position to re-align them, new bone is deposited behind the teeth to ensure that they don`t slip back into their old crooked position. For anyone who missed out on a childhood brace experience, this system is highly recommended for the many reasons discussed here.

Damon Braces; why choose them? A Weybridge dentist explains

The Damon Brace is a much smaller one, although it is still fixed onto the teeth in the traditional manner. Instead of using a mix of elastic and wire to move the teeth, this system is designed to make the most of the wire used. This reduces friction and makes it easier to clean between the clips says a Weybridge dentist. The main clips are smaller, half metal and half white, and although they`re not completely invisible to the naked eye, they are less visible in general. The time spent in the dentist chair is also much less with 10 weeks between visits a common time factor. When you have your first visit the dentist will start the process off by taking an impression of your teeth, this helps to determine the pressures used to move those misaligned teeth. As with all braces the amount of problems they can solve is varied and plentiful, from gaps to overlapping teeth, teeth that protrude and teeth that lie backwards, it makes no difference to which problem you have; the Damon Brace will sort it out and fix it permanently. The cost is obviously much less as well, this is due mainly to the small amount of visits you have to make to the surgery, and it also means that you will have to take less time off work. It works on people of all ages, so there really isn`t any limits to who can have this treatment, and it is available in most surgeries around the country.

Smile makeover can make you feel good about yourself, says a Weybridge dentist

A smile makeover is easy enough to get, but it doesn’t just make your smile look better, it can also give you a huge confidence boost as well says a Weybridge dentist. It can be an expensive exercise or a cheapo one depending on what you`re looking for, the problem and the amount of discolouration or misalignment involved. A home whitening kits is easy enough to apply, and it is less than £50 in most cases, a visit to a salon or spa for an intense light treatment will set you back anywhere from £200-400 and takes just an hour or so to do. For more complex defects to our smiles, such as a misaligned, chipped or cracked tooth, we may plump for a veneer or even better; a Lumineer. The new style Lumineer is a tough cookie, and because it is, it is more malleable and so therefore it comes in a thinner version to the traditional veneer. The best part of a Lumineer is that it can be popped onto the tooth with little or no preparation and is removable without any major problems. If for instance you needed a root canal treatment, then the Lumineer can be removed, the treatment done and the Lumineer replaced back on. With a Veneer it isn’t that simple, so the Lumineer is now proving more popular than ever. All in all though, a smile makeover will make your life a lot happier as you`ll want to smile more and show off your new molars.

Why I recommend a six month smile. A Sunbury dentist explains

A six month smile isn`t a smile that lasts six months, it is a solution to many cosmetic problems that takes just six months to solve. In the past many teething problems have taken years to fix, this method now solves those problems in just six months says a Sunbury dentist. The problems that this process solves are varied and wide, gaps, misaligned, protruding and crowded teeth can all be sorted out with this treatment. It involves fitting a special white coloured brace that is quite small compared to most other types of brace. It is fitted with a unique wiring system that allows your dentist to adjust the pressure points and squeeze points to either bring your teeth together, solving the gap problem, or pulling your crowded teeth apart to even them out. The process that used to solve these problems would often take years to solve, using traditional methods, with the six month smile treatment it takes just the half a year as the title implies. There are of course other problem solving methods using braces, such as the Invisalign brace system, but the six month smile boasts that the cost of the treatment is around half of other methods. The Invisalign needs to be replaced every 2 weeks or so, with the six month smile system the adjustments take place every 4-5 weeks. The treatment is proving extremely popular with adults who missed out on the brace system when they were children, and there is no longer a stigma attached to wearing braces in these modern times.

Veneers on your teeth can solve many problems. By a Sunbury dentist

A tooth veneer is the reverse of a veneer on a piece of furniture, with furniture it is a natural covering on a substandard wood, with a tooth veneer it is an artificial covering on a natural material. A Sunbury dentist says that veneers are used in cosmetic surgery to cover up a multitude of sins in the dental department. Misaligned teeth don`t look good, they distort a smile because we are conscious of it and how it appears to other people. A veneer can fix that problem quite easily, and indeed many people plump for a veneer to do just that. Chipped teeth can happen to anyone as the enamel on the teeth is quite brittle, as an alternative to losing the tooth and having a denture fitted, a veneer can easily fix that problem too. Discoloured teeth are probably the most common reason for a veneer, when the front of our teeth becomes discoloured it looks awful and a veneer can easily be fitted to replace the enamel that has been damaged. Veneers are made from Porcelain, which is used a lot in dentistry to make artificial teeth, and they are made specifically for individual teeth using digital photography which is scanned into a computer to assist the orthodontist in making them. They are fitted directly onto the tooth after it has been shave of enough enamel for a perfect fit, they can be replaced if they become damaged. The colour lasts around 10-15 years before they need replacing with another veneer.

Molesey dentist straightens teeth quickly with Six Month Smile braces

If you have ever wanted to have straighter teeth but have been put off by the thought of having to wear braces, then the Six Month Smile might just be the treatment for you. It is now possible to correct your crooked or misaligned smile without having to wear unseemly metal braces for up to three years.

Six Month Smile braces can be used to treat many issues to do with teeth alignment including: crowding, spacing, all forms of bite misalignment and misplaced midlines.

The revolutionary features of the Six Month Smile treatment include wires that are small, discrete and tooth coloured. This makes the brace very hard to see unless standing up close to the patient. Treatment time is reduced by as much as 75% compared to traditional orthodontic treatment and discomfort is kept to a minimum. The all-important statistic, however, is that they cost as little as half as much as conventional orthodontic treatment or Invisalign braces.

The treatment process begins with an initial consultation to see if your teeth are suitable for the Six Month brace. In some cases of extreme overcrowding it may not be possible to use the Six Month brace without some prior treatment. Once the initial appointment has been carried out, you will then have to wait for several weeks while the braces are manufactured. Once fitted, it will be necessary to visit your Molesey dentist every four to five weeks to make small adjustments to the braces but with treatment time lasting as little as six months this is only a minor inconvenience when compared to the alternatives. Make an appointment to see if you could finally get the smile you have always wanted with the minimum of fuss.

Straighten Your Teeth in an Instant with Porcelain Veneers in Molesey

Dental veneers are another important contribution of cosmetic dentistry to the world of beautiful smiles. The most common material used to make dental veneers is porcelain, hence the name porcelain veneers. These are basically artificial coverings made out of wafer-thin porcelain material and are usually custom-made for the wearer.

Veneers are like a shell or outer coverings that are applied over the tooth’s surface to straighten teeth or to hide worn out tooth enamel. These can also be used to cover spaces between the teeth or to cover cracks and chips in the teeth. Porcelain veneers are also an excellent option for those who have highly discoloured teeth and are not satisfied with teeth whitening.

The two greatest advantages that make porcelain veneers stand apart from other dental veneers are;
• Natural tooth-like appearance – The normal human tooth enamel is translucent and has a lustrous appearance. Porcelain is also glass-like in nature, hence gives the same translucent appearance making the veneer look natural as opposed to veneers made out of other materials like composite resin.
• Resistance to staining – Most cosmetic dental materials are prone to staining and discolouration when used for a long time due to consumption of tea, coffee, soft drinks and tobacco. Porcelain is the only material that withstands staining, so these veneers are an excellent choice.

So, if you have misaligned teeth consult your Molesey dentist who will take measurements and custom make porcelain veneers for your teeth which will fit you like a dream giving you a natural, sparkling white smile.