Get the lowdown on having your porcelain veneers replaced with Surbiton dentists

Few things in life last forever and porcelain dental veneers are no exception. After a time they may need to be replaced so that they are as good as new again. A persistent worry of patients, especially those who have had veneers installed when they are young, is how often these veneers can be replaced. Read on to find out more information about this issue.

Ultimately there are two types of veneer, those of thinner and thicker varieties. Thinner porcelain veneers (and they can be incredibly thin these days) are made to be replaced. They are very durable but really only have a life span of about three to five years and replacing them is no problem at all.

Where there can be an issue is with the thicker variety of porcelain veneer. This is because dentists will sometimes have to remove a little of the existing tooth in order to accommodate the veneer in the first place. These thicker veneers have an average life span of somewhere in the region of ten to fifteen years so it is not something that has to be considered often. Dentists are experts in these issues and they will be able to achieve it though.

You should not let this put you off considering dental veneers as a solution though. They are extremely effective at what they do in covering up misaligned, chipped, cracked or slightly broken down teeth and they can really boost your self confidence by improving the look and appeal of your smile.

You can talk through any issues about porcelain dental veneers with your Surbiton dentist the next time you are at the surgery.