Damon Braces; why choose them? A Weybridge dentist explains

The Damon Brace is a much smaller one, although it is still fixed onto the teeth in the traditional manner. Instead of using a mix of elastic and wire to move the teeth, this system is designed to make the most of the wire used. This reduces friction and makes it easier to clean between the clips says a Weybridge dentist. The main clips are smaller, half metal and half white, and although they`re not completely invisible to the naked eye, they are less visible in general. The time spent in the dentist chair is also much less with 10 weeks between visits a common time factor. When you have your first visit the dentist will start the process off by taking an impression of your teeth, this helps to determine the pressures used to move those misaligned teeth. As with all braces the amount of problems they can solve is varied and plentiful, from gaps to overlapping teeth, teeth that protrude and teeth that lie backwards, it makes no difference to which problem you have; the Damon Brace will sort it out and fix it permanently. The cost is obviously much less as well, this is due mainly to the small amount of visits you have to make to the surgery, and it also means that you will have to take less time off work. It works on people of all ages, so there really isn`t any limits to who can have this treatment, and it is available in most surgeries around the country.