Smile makeover can make you feel good about yourself, says a Weybridge dentist

A smile makeover is easy enough to get, but it doesn’t just make your smile look better, it can also give you a huge confidence boost as well says a Weybridge dentist. It can be an expensive exercise or a cheapo one depending on what you`re looking for, the problem and the amount of discolouration or misalignment involved. A home whitening kits is easy enough to apply, and it is less than £50 in most cases, a visit to a salon or spa for an intense light treatment will set you back anywhere from £200-400 and takes just an hour or so to do. For more complex defects to our smiles, such as a misaligned, chipped or cracked tooth, we may plump for a veneer or even better; a Lumineer. The new style Lumineer is a tough cookie, and because it is, it is more malleable and so therefore it comes in a thinner version to the traditional veneer. The best part of a Lumineer is that it can be popped onto the tooth with little or no preparation and is removable without any major problems. If for instance you needed a root canal treatment, then the Lumineer can be removed, the treatment done and the Lumineer replaced back on. With a Veneer it isn’t that simple, so the Lumineer is now proving more popular than ever. All in all though, a smile makeover will make your life a lot happier as you`ll want to smile more and show off your new molars.