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You too can Smile in just 6 Months in Sunbury

It is safe to say that the world of orthodontics has finally got up to speed and started to deliver braces that are no further a bane to whoever has to wear them. However, it has hasn’t thrown the principles and qualities away that traditional braces brought to the table- it has just taken them and then improved them. The perfect example of this is the 6 Months Smile. This is a fixed brace utilising all of the ‘old school’ techniques and then given them a modern make-over. The materials that this brace is made from, work subtlety in the mouth and are very discreet indeed. However, they work on complex conditions as well, like bite problems and overcrowding and considering they are also aimed at particular problem teeth whilst being regularly tightened by your dentist, they work as quick as it says in the title. Look into this treatment if you have complex problems- it is well worth it: call-up Mulberry Dental, as they cover the Sunbury area and can give you all the information you need on this fantastic little treatment.


A Smile in just 6 Months in Sunbury

It’s great that technology gets better with the passing years, because it makes for a better understanding in certain dental procedures. For example, you only have to look at the way that braces have developed: they have become more wearer friendly and the treatment times have got faster. The perfect example of this is the 6 months smile, so called because that’s how long the treatment lasts. It is a brace that uses all the useful stuff that comes from traditional braces and yet gives it a modern twist, like using more discreet materials in its design. The brace can do a multitude of tasks, but what makes it so fast (apart from the fact that it is tightened regularly by your dentist) is that it tends to concentrate more on individual teeth that are ruining the smile, pulling them into place. Again, this is a fine brace to have fitted because it is so fast and priced very competitively with its peers. If you fancy taking the plunge with this brace in Sunbury, Mulberry Dental care of Walton can give you all the information you need.

Sunbury gets sexy Smiles in 6-months

There is a wonderful saying that can be applied to all walks of life: ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!’ However, there is no harm in evolving it though. Take a modern brace like the 6 months smile; this has all the characteristics of a traditional fixed brace and encompasses the theories used in these original techniques, but brings it bang up to date, using state of the art materials that make the brace discreet, it is tightened regularly making it fast working (the title rather gives it away!), and can cover an immense array of needs such as crowding, biting problems and gaps, it real benefit being that it concentrates its work only on the teeth that need fixing. If you have any of these problems, a Surrey practice suggests you get your Sunbury dentist and get yourself measured up, which involves having digital x-rays and images taken of your mouth in order to construct your brace. Like all fixed braces, they can be a little difficult to clean at first but with perseverance, you should be able to keep your mouth healthy through your treatment, but let’s face it, it’s only for 6 months! Surely even you can cope with that?

Smiling in 6 Months Through Mulberry Dental Care, Available in Sunbury Now!

Every so often, the people that come up with new and gadgets get it horribly right and when it comes to teeth straightening, the 6 months smile is spot on. With some advice from Mulberry dental care, you can have this device fitted within the month in Sunbury. The theory behind this brace uses the same principles that have come from traditional braces and given it a modern slant. Braces work beautifully because they are very precise and directed at what needs to be done as with the 6 months smile, except it tends to concentrate on around 8 teeth towards the front of the mouth that are crooked, bucked or gapped. On the teeth are placed white coloured ceramic plates that are joined together by a thin wire and anchored to a bracket at the rear of the mouth. It is the use of natural coloured materials that make this device so discreet as it works your teeth into position- most treatments work on average between 6 and 9 months although during the process, you have to be extra vigilant when it comes to cleaning, as it can be tricky to get right. During the whole of the treatment, you will pay monthly visits to the dentist in order to get the brace tightened so that the teeth are kept on the move and after the treatment, you will need to wear a retainer for a while until the teeth are settled into position.


Patients from Sunbury are Smiling Thanks to 6 Month Smiles at Mulberry Dental Care

Mulberry dental care can come up with a lot of answers to problems in your mouth, especially when it comes to getting a ‘fix’ for wayward teeth. You may well consider that the answer could lay in a road-map of metal being placed in your mouth for years and although this method is still used for extreme cases, braces are not that brutal anymore, in fact, they have become very refined. One of the most popular devices available for patients close to Sunbury right now is the 6 months smile because it does what it says it will do in the title. Its ethics are steeped in the old methods of traditional fixed braces whilst combining the influence of modern orthodontic understandings of teeth movement with modern materials. When fitted with this device, each of your teeth that need working on will be fitted with discreetly colored ceramic plates that are linked together by a wire to the anchors at the back of your mouth; these are tightened regularly by your dentist in order to keep the teeth on the move. The delicacy of this device is that it concentrates more on specific teeth that have grown out of kilter and then pull them back into line and of course, the fact that it promises to do it in just 6 months is the reason why this brace is a cut above the others, and price wise, up there with the others too!