Sunbury gets sexy Smiles in 6-months

There is a wonderful saying that can be applied to all walks of life: ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!’ However, there is no harm in evolving it though. Take a modern brace like the 6 months smile; this has all the characteristics of a traditional fixed brace and encompasses the theories used in these original techniques, but brings it bang up to date, using state of the art materials that make the brace discreet, it is tightened regularly making it fast working (the title rather gives it away!), and can cover an immense array of needs such as crowding, biting problems and gaps, it real benefit being that it concentrates its work only on the teeth that need fixing. If you have any of these problems, a Surrey practice suggests you get your Sunbury dentist and get yourself measured up, which involves having digital x-rays and images taken of your mouth in order to construct your brace. Like all fixed braces, they can be a little difficult to clean at first but with perseverance, you should be able to keep your mouth healthy through your treatment, but let’s face it, it’s only for 6 months! Surely even you can cope with that?