A Smile in just 6 Months in Sunbury

It’s great that technology gets better with the passing years, because it makes for a better understanding in certain dental procedures. For example, you only have to look at the way that braces have developed: they have become more wearer friendly and the treatment times have got faster. The perfect example of this is the 6 months smile, so called because that’s how long the treatment lasts. It is a brace that uses all the useful stuff that comes from traditional braces and yet gives it a modern twist, like using more discreet materials in its design. The brace can do a multitude of tasks, but what makes it so fast (apart from the fact that it is tightened regularly by your dentist) is that it tends to concentrate more on individual teeth that are ruining the smile, pulling them into place. Again, this is a fine brace to have fitted because it is so fast and priced very competitively with its peers. If you fancy taking the plunge with this brace in Sunbury, Mulberry Dental care of Walton can give you all the information you need.