Patients from Sunbury are Smiling Thanks to 6 Month Smiles at Mulberry Dental Care

Mulberry dental care can come up with a lot of answers to problems in your mouth, especially when it comes to getting a ‘fix’ for wayward teeth. You may well consider that the answer could lay in a road-map of metal being placed in your mouth for years and although this method is still used for extreme cases, braces are not that brutal anymore, in fact, they have become very refined. One of the most popular devices available for patients close to Sunbury right now is the 6 months smile because it does what it says it will do in the title. Its ethics are steeped in the old methods of traditional fixed braces whilst combining the influence of modern orthodontic understandings of teeth movement with modern materials. When fitted with this device, each of your teeth that need working on will be fitted with discreetly colored ceramic plates that are linked together by a wire to the anchors at the back of your mouth; these are tightened regularly by your dentist in order to keep the teeth on the move. The delicacy of this device is that it concentrates more on specific teeth that have grown out of kilter and then pull them back into line and of course, the fact that it promises to do it in just 6 months is the reason why this brace is a cut above the others, and price wise, up there with the others too!