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Surbiton Dentist Addresses Excited Patients About Achieving a Perfect Smile in Just Six Months

If you dream of straight teeth but can’t stand the idea of getting a mouth full of metal with traditional braces, consider the option of getting a perfect smile in six months.One of the hottest new procedures in cosmetic dentistry today is the revolutionary Six Month Smile program that can give you the beautiful smile you have always wanted. The Six Month Smile program is truly a high tech marvel of modern cosmetic dentistry.Unlike traditional metal braces, the Six Month Smile braces are smaller and match the colour of your teeth, making them nearly invisible. Six Month Smile braces delivers much faster results, reducing the time it would take using traditional braces by approximately seventy five percent. Six Month Smile braces can deliver such speedy results because the focus of the process is on the teeth that are visible when you smile, ensuring an efficient means to get the perfect smile of your dreams.The Six Month Smile program is also gentler on your mouth and less irritating than traditional metal braces. Another significant advantage of getting the smile of your dream in just six months is that the procedure will cost you much less than traditional metal braces or invisalign. If you are tired of being ashamed of your crooked teeth, speak to your dentist in Surbiton about the Six Month Smile program today.


Looking a star with Cosmetic Dentistry in Shepperton

There really is no excuse these days to be walking around Shepperton with bad looking teeth, especially considering the range of good, affordable cosmetic dentistry available in the area. All of us can get the look we want, to make us look as good as the stars on the television. For starters, it all begins with getting the teeth straight first and there is an incredible range of braces and aligners on offer to cater for every mouth. If your teeth are in fairly good nick, you may get away with just bleaching your teeth, either at home or at the dentists; there are some amazing whitening toothpastes around too. If however, your teeth are discolored, cracked and with gaps appearing, you can opt for veneers, crowns or dental bonding- all guaranteed to get your mouth back into shape. There is also no excuse for having some teeth missing either. Dental implants have become common place at dentist these days and reasonably priced too and combined with a crown or a bridge, they are a strong alternative to what was there before, in some cases, stronger. They can also be used in conjunction with modern, natural looking dentures, holding them firm in the mouth. So come on, put that smile back on your face and get along to your dentist for a chat about the range of cosmetic dentistry.

Weybridge dentists fit braces, giving dentists straight teeth

No matter how crooked or misaligned your teeth are, your dentist can help restore them to a state of natural looking straightness. Teeth which are out of place or a bite that is not quite symmetrical can all be dealt with by the fitting of a brace; still the most effective way to straighten teeth that is available in British dental surgeries.

Braces consist of a series of metal brackets which are attached to your teeth. These brackets have metal wires threaded through them which your dentist can adjust to pull your teeth into the required positions to give you a perfectly aligned smile. This can be achieved at regular appointments in the surgery where your dentist will make the necessary adjustments.

Braces are worn, on average, for about two years but it really depends on what needs to be achieved in the mouth as to how long you will need to wear it for. They can be difficult to clean and some people worry about food getting trapped within all the brackets and wires. But it really just takes a little extra effort and you will find that you are soon used to your new routine.

Some people find them a little unsightly to look at, but just imagine what your teeth will look like once the treatment is finished! You will be able to feel comfortable in your skin and confident about the look of your smile thanks to the work done by the brace. If you have any anxieties about the length of the treatment or whether it will be painful then you should talk to your Weybridge dentist as he or she will be able to give you all of the relevant information.

Weybridge dentists offer variety of new braces for straighter teeth

Everyone is familiar with braces in one form or another. Depending on your age you may have very contrasting views to braces. Older patients may remember the old style metal train-track braces that weren’t particularly attractive to look at. However, younger patients may be more familiar with the new generation of braces, which have used technology to make a vast improvement in treatment.

Traditional metal braces, just like modern braces, were used to manipulate the teeth into a more aesthetically pleasing position. They did this by applying pressure with a system of wires and brackets. Not only were they not very attractive but they were also quite uncomfortable and treatment seemed to last forever. Some patients were required to wear these braces for as long as three years as well as suffer the pain of extractions prior to treatment.

Modern braces have addressed many of these concerns to provide patients with a much more pleasant and short-term experience of braces. Modern braces such as the Inman aligner can show results in as little as six weeks in some cases and are also completely removable, although it must be said they are not suitable for all patients. There is also the option to have invisible braces that are made from clear plastic. Invisalign braces are almost completely invisible when in the mouth and capable of producing stunning results in 18 months on average.

Damon braces resemble the old style braces but are much smaller and more discreet. They have also been specially designed to not require tightening, which removes the need for the regular and painful tightening appointments not so fondly remembered by many former brace wearers. To find out more about these treatments and the many others that are available, consult a Weybridge dentist who will be able to tell you which one of these orthodontic treatments is most suitable to straighten your teeth.

Weybridge dentist straightens teeth in record time with Inman aligner

Orthodontic aligners are brace-like devices fitted to teeth in order to straighten them without the need for fixed brackets and uncomfortable metal wires. One of the most modern and effective aligners is called the Inman aligner and offers straighter teeth in as little as ten weeks.

This incredible straightening power is harnessed by using a coiled spring on the tongue side of the teeth, which creates space for the front teeth to be pushed and pulled into position. They are then straightened by a single wire running along the front of the teeth. This is the only visible part of the brace and offers a much greater degree of discretion than traditional fixed braces.

The Inman aligner is also completely removable which also helps to limit the impact of the aligner on the patient, which is particularly important for young adults or professional patients. It also means the aligner can be taken out to clean teeth which reduces the risk of staining common in other braces.

Although treatment can take as little as ten weeks it is most successful when worn for 20 hours a day for between four and six months, and of course the more you wear it the more effective it is. Weybridge dentists are recommending the Inman aligner for patients wishing to straighten teeth quickly and with a minimum visual impact, especially for patients with minor straightening needs looking to put the finishing touches to a perfect smile. Inman aligners require very few appointments with the dentist, unlike some other braces, with only one short appointment required every five or six weeks.

Teeth straightened with Damon braces form Sunbury dentist

In dental technology, as in the wider field of technology, as it advances, treatments tend to get smaller and more efficient. This is particularly useful in orthodontic treatment where unseemly and uncomfortable metal braces have been the norm for so long. The very latest system of teeth straightening is called the Damon Braces system and uses a friction-free system for more comfortable and rapid teeth straightening results. It also has the advantage of not requiring quite as many extractions for the braces to be effective, one of the major drawbacks of conventional braces. The Damon system uses palatal expanders to create more room for the teeth to straighten rather than extractions.

Damon braces use a friction-free movement mechanism and special self-ligating memory wires which increase the speed of treatment. Typically Damon Braces achieve results six months faster than ordinary fixed orthodontic appliances. The self-ligating wires remove the need for regular tightening, one of the main sources of discomfort experienced by patients with regular braces. There is also no need for elastic or metal ties, which can cause irritation to the soft tissue. The lack of elastic wires also make Damon braces better for your oral health. Elastic ties attract bacteria which is a major contributing factor in the build up of plaque, which is eliminated in the Damon system.

Although not as discreet as invisible or clear plastic retainers, Damon braces are far more discreet than the old-style metal orthodontic appliance. The bracket is manufactured from ceramic and other clear material that gives it a much more discreet appearance.

Damon braces may be slightly more costly than both ordinary metal braces and invisible retainers but the added speed with which the system gets results makes the extra cost worthwhile. A Sunbury dentist will be able to advise you further about the benefits of Damon braces.