Teeth straightened with Damon braces form Sunbury dentist

In dental technology, as in the wider field of technology, as it advances, treatments tend to get smaller and more efficient. This is particularly useful in orthodontic treatment where unseemly and uncomfortable metal braces have been the norm for so long. The very latest system of teeth straightening is called the Damon Braces system and uses a friction-free system for more comfortable and rapid teeth straightening results. It also has the advantage of not requiring quite as many extractions for the braces to be effective, one of the major drawbacks of conventional braces. The Damon system uses palatal expanders to create more room for the teeth to straighten rather than extractions.

Damon braces use a friction-free movement mechanism and special self-ligating memory wires which increase the speed of treatment. Typically Damon Braces achieve results six months faster than ordinary fixed orthodontic appliances. The self-ligating wires remove the need for regular tightening, one of the main sources of discomfort experienced by patients with regular braces. There is also no need for elastic or metal ties, which can cause irritation to the soft tissue. The lack of elastic wires also make Damon braces better for your oral health. Elastic ties attract bacteria which is a major contributing factor in the build up of plaque, which is eliminated in the Damon system.

Although not as discreet as invisible or clear plastic retainers, Damon braces are far more discreet than the old-style metal orthodontic appliance. The bracket is manufactured from ceramic and other clear material that gives it a much more discreet appearance.

Damon braces may be slightly more costly than both ordinary metal braces and invisible retainers but the added speed with which the system gets results makes the extra cost worthwhile. A Sunbury dentist will be able to advise you further about the benefits of Damon braces.