Weybridge dentist straightens teeth in record time with Inman aligner

Orthodontic aligners are brace-like devices fitted to teeth in order to straighten them without the need for fixed brackets and uncomfortable metal wires. One of the most modern and effective aligners is called the Inman aligner and offers straighter teeth in as little as ten weeks.

This incredible straightening power is harnessed by using a coiled spring on the tongue side of the teeth, which creates space for the front teeth to be pushed and pulled into position. They are then straightened by a single wire running along the front of the teeth. This is the only visible part of the brace and offers a much greater degree of discretion than traditional fixed braces.

The Inman aligner is also completely removable which also helps to limit the impact of the aligner on the patient, which is particularly important for young adults or professional patients. It also means the aligner can be taken out to clean teeth which reduces the risk of staining common in other braces.

Although treatment can take as little as ten weeks it is most successful when worn for 20 hours a day for between four and six months, and of course the more you wear it the more effective it is. Weybridge dentists are recommending the Inman aligner for patients wishing to straighten teeth quickly and with a minimum visual impact, especially for patients with minor straightening needs looking to put the finishing touches to a perfect smile. Inman aligners require very few appointments with the dentist, unlike some other braces, with only one short appointment required every five or six weeks.