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How to get the best teeth in Sunbury- Enlighten Tooth Whitening

Just once, every so often, something comes along and makes the world sit up and take notice and with dentistry, the new kid on the block right now is a treatment known as Enlighten Tooth Whitening. The world of cosmetic dentistry is littered with ideas of how to get your teeth whitened, but now it would seem that it has found a jewel in the crown. The first thing you need to do is get along to see your dentist in order to ascertain that your gums are healthy and free from disease, for if they are, bleaching is a real no-no until they are treated. If you get the nod and all is well though, the dentist can then go ahead and make you up some watertight trays. Once ready, you are then on your own for the next fortnight, filling the trays up with the bleaching agent each evening and then putting them in before bedtime. All you have to ensure is that you avoid anything that can stain the teeth and brush with whitening toothpaste. Then at the end, you pop back to see your dentist for a quick brush-up and that is it. However the results are unbelievably stunning, so good in fact it is why it has got the industry excited as your teeth look superb after. Find out more from Mulberry dental care of Surrey, as they serve the Sunbury area and can tell you all you need to know about this amazing treatment.


Enlighten your Teeth in Sunbury

Some things come and go and some are meant to stay, but in the world of dentistry, Enlighten Tooth Whitening is definitely here to stay. This is a programme that gives the ultimate in teeth whitening and has won plaudits throughout the world of dentistry. It involves your dentist setting you up with a couple of bleaching trays and then sending you home with the kit so that you can do the work on your home. You sleep at night with the trays and the bleaching agent in place: you brush your teeth with a whitening paste for two weeks whilst the programme goes on and you must avoid anything that can stain your teeth. However, once the treatment is over and you have been checked out by your dentist, your teeth will look immaculate- in fact, better than any other treatment on the market: your teeth will be like no others. This is considered to be one of the best products on the market right now in Sunbury and if you want to know more, then give Mulberry Dental of Walton-on-Thames a call for more about this sensational product.


Dapper looking teeth with Enlighten in Surbiton

For all the efforts that we put into our teeth, they do start to lose their sheen with the passing years. But you really have no reason to fear, as there are many great ways to put this right and a Surrey practice recommends you have a good hard look at Enlighten Tooth Whitening: once in a blue moon, a product comes along that takes the industry by storm and makes all other techniques seem pointless- this is such a product. The results of this treatment have been staggering and have brought praise from the whole dental world. It combines you and your dentist getting together and getting you measured up for a couple of bespoke ‘air tight’ bleaching trays. Then for the next fortnight and before you go to bed, you fill the trays with the bleach and fit them in before you sleep. In the morning, you take them out and clean them and then brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste. This is repeated for fourteen nights, making sure to avoid putting anything in your mouth that could stain your teeth. Then, when you’re done, you pop back to see you dentist for a quick laser shot (if required) and you’re done! Over time, you can top up the treatment if needed, but one thing for sure, your smile will light up Surbiton.

Get Pearly Whites with Enlighten Teeth Whitening at Your Local Surbiton Dental Practice

The number of products available for tooth whitening is starting to become mind boggling. As the number of people looking for effective teeth whitening increases so do the options available. Surbiton dentists now have a new whitening technology called Enlighten that may make your decision a lot easier. While many whitening products simply attempt to brighten your teeth, Enlighten allows you a range of ten white shades from which to pick, this allows you to get the tone of white that is perfect for your unique smile.

Regular brushing and flossing of your teeth will help you keep your teeth white. But with the amounts of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and other tooth staining products we consume it becomes impossible to keep the white as sparkling as we would like. Enlighten is able to brighten teeth at any level of discolouration with a range of products. For mild discolouration and staining there is a home kit that allows you to apply the product at your convenience. For heavier discolouration and staining, or just to get the brightest white, you will need to visit your local dentist to have the professional level treatment. Go for a dental visit with your local practice to discuss which product would be most effect for your individual needs.

Depending on usage, Enlighten teeth whitening will last for about three years, at which point your dentist can give you a touch up. To maintain the white teeth and healthy oral hygiene it is essential that you continue with a good dental routine. This must involve brushing at least twice a day and flossing regularly.


Whitening Your Teeth in Surbiton with Enlighten

If you were to seek advice about the best way to get your teeth whitened in Surbiton, you would be best off getting in touch with Mulberry dental care before jumping into the deep end. There are many options on the market, some of which are pretenders, but there is one that is a true contender- Enlighten tooth whitening. This is a complete system that offers the full package, and not only that, you also have your dentist on board as well to monitor your progress; be rest assured, this treatment is the absolute darling of teeth whitening right now- the end results are breath-taking leaving you with incredible looking teeth. You get measured at your dentist for the bleaching trays and then when you get them, it’s DIY at home; you simply fill them with the agent and pop them in before you go to sleep, brilliant eh? And two weeks later, you return to your dentist for a quick laser blast and you look amazing. It does come with a few rules such as avoiding smoking and foods that are likely to stain, as well as using whitening toothpaste during the process, but this is peanuts to bear for what you will get out of it. If this takes your fancy, then get down to your dentist and ask about all the treatments that Enlighten offer and price wise, they are very reasonable as well.


Enlighten Your Teeth in Surbiton Today

Some teeth whitening products give mediocre results, some good results, however, in Surbiton right now, you can get a product that gives fantastic results- Enlighten teeth whitening. This product is pretty much rated by dentists everywhere because it seems to work on all kinds of teeth. Another thing is that it involves the dentist as well whilst you get on with the guts of the process at home. Your dentist will set you up with a pair of bespoke bleaching trays and once you’re ready to go, you fill them with a bleaching agent and pop them on your teeth before you go to bed. For a good couple of weeks, you repeat the process each night whilst you sleep: it is wise to clean your teeth with whitening toothpaste and avoid smoking and staining foods and drinks. When you are done, you simply pop into the dentist for a quick laser blast and you have remarkable teeth that are good to go for a good three years, if you look after them before they need a top-up. But Enlighten has not sat back and wallowed in its glory- it has an incredible array of products you can use an even offers the option of a 60 minutes white-over at the dentists. If you have any questions, you should contact Mulberry dental care for a consultation about this desirable product.

People from the Surbiton Area are ‘Enlightened’ by Teeth Whitening Technology


Tooth whitening is fast becoming the new craze in cosmetic procedures. As most of the people we see on our TV’s have white, luminous, perfect teeth we are growing increasingly self-conscious of our discoloured teeth. We try not to laugh with our mouth open and practice our tooth-less smiles in front of the mirror. Not anymore Surbiton!

What is special about Enlighten teeth whitening treatment?

Mulberry Dental Care has revolutionised the teeth whitening procedure with a state of the art system of super deep bleaching teeth whitening. It is the number one product for whitening teeth effectively, often to the shade B1. Mulberry Dental Care has tested every whitening treatment and they believe this is the best yet.

Often after a tooth whitening treatment teeth can be sensitive leaving the patient feeling inconvenienced and unable to eat the foods and drink they wish. The enlighten treatment also uses a proprietary gel which practically eliminates tooth sensitivity post procedure.

Who should have this treatment?

If you think this treatment would work for you, book in a free consultation with your Mulberry Dental Care dentist who can offer advice and talk you through the procedure. If you suffer from discolouration or merely want to improve the shade you currently have then this is a great, practical and efficient solution for you.

No more hiding that smile now you have a dazzling white set of teeth! Your Mulberry dentist can offer you great aftercare advice to make sure that your teeth stay looking their best shade of white.

Wake up and be enlightened in Surbiton

There are many promises attached to teeth whitening processes today in Surbiton and also so many to choose from as well and it can be a little hard to choose one that gets you the best results. But if you do your research and surf the internet, you will find that the darling of teeth whitening at home right now and that has got the dental world excited as well, is the Enlighten Tooth Whitening program. If your teeth cut the mustard and are healthy, your dentist will measure you up for two bespoke bleaching trays that fit air-tight around your teeth. When you get them, you will embark on a 14 night treatment in your home. Just before you sleep at night, you fill the trays with the bleaching agent and pop them into your mouth; in the morning you take them out again and clean them in readiness for the next night…and so on. During this time you must refrain from smoking and staining foods and drinks, whilst backing up the treatment by brushing with whitening toothpaste. Once the course is complete, you return to the dentists for a laser blast and you walk out of the surgery with teeth that have been likened to that of porcelain. Now that’s teeth whitening!

Go it alone with Enlighten Tooth Whitening in Weybridge

If you’re not really a fan of having treatments down at the dentists in Weybridge but are a big fan of have nice pearly white teeth, in the wonderful world that we live in these days, you can do it by yourself. Now dentists are not overly fans of home bleaching because it takes you out of their jurisdiction and they can’t keep an eye on you. But one home treatment that they do love and rave about is the Enlighten tooth whitening system. Not just because of the remarkable results it achieves, but it also involves the dentist as well in the beginning and at the end of the course. Your dentists will measure you up for bespoke bleaching trays, and when they are made up, you will go home and embark on a 14 day bleaching bonanza. What sets this aside from other home kits is that it does the bleaching while you are asleep at night. During these weeks, you will clean yourself with whitening toothpaste and refrain from foods and drinks that tend to stain- as well as smoking. Then after the course has run, you go back to the dentist for a quick laser blast and you leave with possibly some of the finest looking teeth on the market. Some people even come to you to do the treatment if you want to avoid the dentist, now, for around £300-400, that’s what you call a service


Patients astonished by the results gained from Enlighten tooth whitening administered by Surbiton dentists

There might be plenty of reasons for wanting perfectly white teeth and they are pretty self-evident. The increased self-confidence will make you a person who it is easier to be around and you will likely perform better in social situations such as parties as well as business meetings and job interviews. Any trip to a super market or pharmacy or browse through an online store will reveal plenty of different options for whitening your teeth and they all have different advantages.

Teeth whitening treatments can be divided up into two broad categories: those that are carried out by your dentist and those which are administered by yourself at home. The advantage of home kits is that you do them in your own time and you won’t have to take time off work to have it done. Treatment overseen by your dentist can be tailored to your individual needs and the shape of your unique mouth.

Enlighten tooth whitening is essentially the best of both worlds because dentists make the kits individually but you are in charge of the treatment at home. It involves wearing special trays on your teeth which are filled with gel that removes stains and whitens teeth. They only need to be worn at night when you are sleeping for a period of just two weeks. At a follow up appointment in the dental surgery which should last less than three quarters of an hour, the treatment is completed.

Surbiton dentists offer this beneficial procedure and you should ask them about it if you are unhappy about the colour of your teeth. Staining and dullness is common in adults but you don’t have to be one of the people who just puts up with it.