Dapper looking teeth with Enlighten in Surbiton

For all the efforts that we put into our teeth, they do start to lose their sheen with the passing years. But you really have no reason to fear, as there are many great ways to put this right and a Surrey practice recommends you have a good hard look at Enlighten Tooth Whitening: once in a blue moon, a product comes along that takes the industry by storm and makes all other techniques seem pointless- this is such a product. The results of this treatment have been staggering and have brought praise from the whole dental world. It combines you and your dentist getting together and getting you measured up for a couple of bespoke ‘air tight’ bleaching trays. Then for the next fortnight and before you go to bed, you fill the trays with the bleach and fit them in before you sleep. In the morning, you take them out and clean them and then brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste. This is repeated for fourteen nights, making sure to avoid putting anything in your mouth that could stain your teeth. Then, when you’re done, you pop back to see you dentist for a quick laser shot (if required) and you’re done! Over time, you can top up the treatment if needed, but one thing for sure, your smile will light up Surbiton.