Get Pearly Whites with Enlighten Teeth Whitening at Your Local Surbiton Dental Practice

The number of products available for tooth whitening is starting to become mind boggling. As the number of people looking for effective teeth whitening increases so do the options available. Surbiton dentists now have a new whitening technology called Enlighten that may make your decision a lot easier. While many whitening products simply attempt to brighten your teeth, Enlighten allows you a range of ten white shades from which to pick, this allows you to get the tone of white that is perfect for your unique smile.

Regular brushing and flossing of your teeth will help you keep your teeth white. But with the amounts of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and other tooth staining products we consume it becomes impossible to keep the white as sparkling as we would like. Enlighten is able to brighten teeth at any level of discolouration with a range of products. For mild discolouration and staining there is a home kit that allows you to apply the product at your convenience. For heavier discolouration and staining, or just to get the brightest white, you will need to visit your local dentist to have the professional level treatment. Go for a dental visit with your local practice to discuss which product would be most effect for your individual needs.

Depending on usage, Enlighten teeth whitening will last for about three years, at which point your dentist can give you a touch up. To maintain the white teeth and healthy oral hygiene it is essential that you continue with a good dental routine. This must involve brushing at least twice a day and flossing regularly.