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Smile makeovers for People of Worcester

For years most of us have put up with less than white, imperfect teeth. Discolouration is an extremely common problem especially with today’s on the go lifestyle. We think nothing of getting a coffee before work, eating foods which stain our teeth and drinking sugary drinks. Sometimes certain medication can discolour our teeth or perhaps a dental procedure done in childhood had left us with discoloured teeth. Many of us also have gaps in our teeth or crooked teeth, sometimes even broken teeth which can cause lack of confidence especially when smiling, laughing and even speaking. Now there is a chance to look like our favourite film stars and join them in the world of teeth perfection. At Mulberry we are lucky enough to work with the finest laboratories in the world, where many celebrity smiles are also crafted.

Is there a solution to discoloured teeth?

Whatever the reason there is now a fantastic solution offered by Mulberry Dental Care for patients from Worcester and nearby areas, namely the porcelain veneer. It hides problem teeth and makes your smile even better. It can solve a whole host of imperfections. Very thin pieces of porcelain are put on your teeth and they cover the surface of the teeth hiding gaps, discoloration and any other issue you want to hide.

Many patients who have turned to porcelain veneers have tried many other treatments such as tooth whitening or fillings but generally these treatments are inconsistent and patients are often left dissatisfied with the results. Porcelain veneers’ offer a long term solution to teeth imperfections and can boast self esteem and confidence. Who wouldn’t want to show off a dazzling celebrity smile?


People from the Surbiton Area are ‘Enlightened’ by Teeth Whitening Technology


Tooth whitening is fast becoming the new craze in cosmetic procedures. As most of the people we see on our TV’s have white, luminous, perfect teeth we are growing increasingly self-conscious of our discoloured teeth. We try not to laugh with our mouth open and practice our tooth-less smiles in front of the mirror. Not anymore Surbiton!

What is special about Enlighten teeth whitening treatment?

Mulberry Dental Care has revolutionised the teeth whitening procedure with a state of the art system of super deep bleaching teeth whitening. It is the number one product for whitening teeth effectively, often to the shade B1. Mulberry Dental Care has tested every whitening treatment and they believe this is the best yet.

Often after a tooth whitening treatment teeth can be sensitive leaving the patient feeling inconvenienced and unable to eat the foods and drink they wish. The enlighten treatment also uses a proprietary gel which practically eliminates tooth sensitivity post procedure.

Who should have this treatment?

If you think this treatment would work for you, book in a free consultation with your Mulberry Dental Care dentist who can offer advice and talk you through the procedure. If you suffer from discolouration or merely want to improve the shade you currently have then this is a great, practical and efficient solution for you.

No more hiding that smile now you have a dazzling white set of teeth! Your Mulberry dentist can offer you great aftercare advice to make sure that your teeth stay looking their best shade of white.

Six Month Smiles are the Winning Solution for all Patients from Sunbury

Here at Mulberry Dental Care we have a fantastic solution to problems that would perhaps result in wearing your old fashioned metal brace, giving patients the ‘train track’ look of old. Let’s face it, those of us that had to suffer the embarrassment and indignity of wearing one of these remembers only too well trying to keep our mouth closed or covered so no one would spot the gleaming and obvious metal in our mouths.

Modern Technology

Technology has now moved on and invisalign treatment is often preferred as it provides a discreet solution to straightening front teeth. The only down side of this and the traditional metal brace is that treatment can sometimes take up to 3 years and the cost can be rather expensive.

Mulberry Dental care, conveniently based for patients from Sunbury, has a perfect solution to these problems by combining a mix of the metal brace and invisalign.

How it works

If you want quick and discreet technology then the six month smile is for you. The wire used is much smaller than the typical metal brace and is the same colour as your teeth so they are much less noticeable. The focus is on the imperfect teeth that can be seen when you smile therefore the treatment is quicker. Teeth are repositioned gently and this procedure is cheaper than conventional longer methods.


After treatment you are left with a perfect confident smile and a healthier bank balance! It’s important to regularly come back for checkups every 4-6 weeks and wear a retainer so that those hard earned perfect teeth stay that way!

State of the Art ‘Lumineer’ Veneers Offered to Patients from the Surbiton Area

We all get self-conscious smiling or speaking if we have imperfect teeth. Teeth that are discoloured, chipped or perhaps crooked can leave us feeling embarrassed. As more of the people on our TV screens dazzle us with perfect white even teeth, many of us have started to look into having the same perfect, even teeth but don’t know where to start.

What is the solution?

The answer to this problem for people from Surbiton and wider afield is veneers. Veneers are ultra thin laminations of porcelain that covers the teeth. But, Lumineer veneers are the finest veneers on offer as they are even thinner than the normal veneers on offer that are constructed in a laboratory and there is little or no preparation needed for the teeth which is a real plus. Generally teeth remain as they did prior to the veneers being applied.

Who are the Luminous veneers aimed at?

There are a number of problems that veneers can solve. These include discolouration of the teeth which many of us suffer from, straightening crooked teeth, teeth that are chipped, broken or imperfect and they can also bridge the gap between teeth that had a wider space than needed. They give a smile makeover and turn an imperfect smile into a perfect smile radiating perfect straight white teeth. Who wouldn’t get a confidence boost?

Luminous veneers are not aimed at everyone so do speak to your Mulberry dentist who can book in an oral consultation to see which veneers will suit your needs best. The Mulberry Dental Care services have a whole range of veneer solutions for everyone.

The People of Surrey go Crazy for Teeth Whitening

Those of us that live in and around Surrey like to look after our appearances. We regularly go to the hairdresser for a new style, we buy the latest fashion looks in our favourite stores and we ladies use skincare and make-up to make the most of our features. Over the past few years another form of appearance upkeep has become extremely popular and that is teeth whitening.

Part of our routine upkeep

In celebrity magazines and on the latest reality TV shows we see the stars with perfect pearly white teeth, giving them a polished appearance, a great smile, beautiful teeth and buckets of confidence. The people of Surrey have taken note and are now having teeth whitening treatment as part of their appearance maintenance. Hair care, skin care, teeth whitening, check! Teeth will be so white you will dazzle the people that look at you!

How does it work?

Many of us suffer from discoloured teeth for a variety of reasons, from a coffee habit to eating the wrong foods. Mulberry Dental Care’s Zoom! Teeth whitening service offers a quick, state of the art LED tooth whitening system which provides immediate results lightening your natural enamel giving you a celebrity smile within a day.

Zoom! Tooth whitening offers an oral assessment where the dentist can look at the best shade of white for you and how much you can benefit from the procedure. Hydrogen Peroxide is applied to the teeth which breaks down and bleaches discoloured teeth quickly and efficiently. A light is also used to assist in this procedure making it the latest innovative treatment to date.

Form an orderly queue Surrey citizens!