Smile makeovers for People of Worcester

For years most of us have put up with less than white, imperfect teeth. Discolouration is an extremely common problem especially with today’s on the go lifestyle. We think nothing of getting a coffee before work, eating foods which stain our teeth and drinking sugary drinks. Sometimes certain medication can discolour our teeth or perhaps a dental procedure done in childhood had left us with discoloured teeth. Many of us also have gaps in our teeth or crooked teeth, sometimes even broken teeth which can cause lack of confidence especially when smiling, laughing and even speaking. Now there is a chance to look like our favourite film stars and join them in the world of teeth perfection. At Mulberry we are lucky enough to work with the finest laboratories in the world, where many celebrity smiles are also crafted.

Is there a solution to discoloured teeth?

Whatever the reason there is now a fantastic solution offered by Mulberry Dental Care for patients from Worcester and nearby areas, namely the porcelain veneer. It hides problem teeth and makes your smile even better. It can solve a whole host of imperfections. Very thin pieces of porcelain are put on your teeth and they cover the surface of the teeth hiding gaps, discoloration and any other issue you want to hide.

Many patients who have turned to porcelain veneers have tried many other treatments such as tooth whitening or fillings but generally these treatments are inconsistent and patients are often left dissatisfied with the results. Porcelain veneers’ offer a long term solution to teeth imperfections and can boast self esteem and confidence. Who wouldn’t want to show off a dazzling celebrity smile?