A Clearer Way of Straightening Teeth for Patients from Sunbury

Remember when you were sixteen with obvious metal braces? Does the image bring back memories of the acute embarrassment you felt with big lumps of metal in your mouth? Imagine a perfectly straight set of teeth, a radiant smile and no embarrassing metal tracks in your mouth.

Well, imagine no more! Mulberry Dental Care offer teeth straightening the invisalign way using invisible braces custom made to fit individual patient’s mouths. The invisalign braces work to straighten and move crooked teeth discreetly.


Initially you will have a free consultation with a Mulberry dentist who will look at your teeth. Each patients needs are unique so the dentist will look at everyone individually.

Clear aligners are then custom made to fit your mouth using the very latest computer technology.


Aligners are usually worn on one set of teeth at a time for around two weeks so that teeth move little by little. You will have moulds and x-rays so that the invisalign braces are fitted exactly for your teeth. They will not interrupt your normal routine as you take them out when you eat, drink, brush and floss. Treatment can last for around 9-15 months until teeth are in the final position you and your dentist are happy with.

Who would benefit from the Invisalign procedure?

Anyone from Sunbury or nearby areas who suffers from their teeth being too close together or has too many teeth would find this procedure would work well. Also, if your front teeth are sticking out, you have gaps in your teeth or lack of alignment on your top and bottom teeth, the invisalign method would work well for you.

Why Invisalign?

It is a convenient treatment as you can still lead a normal lifestyle and it is invisible so therefore discreet. It is more comfortable than regular metal braces and as there are no metal wires or bands pulling and causing pain to your teeth.