People from the Surbiton Area are ‘Enlightened’ by Teeth Whitening Technology


Tooth whitening is fast becoming the new craze in cosmetic procedures. As most of the people we see on our TV’s have white, luminous, perfect teeth we are growing increasingly self-conscious of our discoloured teeth. We try not to laugh with our mouth open and practice our tooth-less smiles in front of the mirror. Not anymore Surbiton!

What is special about Enlighten teeth whitening treatment?

Mulberry Dental Care has revolutionised the teeth whitening procedure with a state of the art system of super deep bleaching teeth whitening. It is the number one product for whitening teeth effectively, often to the shade B1. Mulberry Dental Care has tested every whitening treatment and they believe this is the best yet.

Often after a tooth whitening treatment teeth can be sensitive leaving the patient feeling inconvenienced and unable to eat the foods and drink they wish. The enlighten treatment also uses a proprietary gel which practically eliminates tooth sensitivity post procedure.

Who should have this treatment?

If you think this treatment would work for you, book in a free consultation with your Mulberry Dental Care dentist who can offer advice and talk you through the procedure. If you suffer from discolouration or merely want to improve the shade you currently have then this is a great, practical and efficient solution for you.

No more hiding that smile now you have a dazzling white set of teeth! Your Mulberry dentist can offer you great aftercare advice to make sure that your teeth stay looking their best shade of white.