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Stop the Progression of Receding Gums When You Visit A Weybridge Dentist

Aside from being unsightly, receding gums will eventually lead to tooth loss. Because your gums tend to recede slowly, it is very important to make sure they are examined during routine dental exams. In most cases, if your dentist spots it early enough, you will be able to avoid some of the more severe consequences of receding gums.

When you visit a Weybridge dentist, you can learn how to brush your teeth without causing gum injuries. Typically, when you brush back and forth, it can make your gums retract from your teeth. In most cases, you will be better served by using a soft brush, and then using gentle downstrokes near the gumline. This will remove food particles without causing so much damage to your gums.

Unfortunately, if your gums have receded by a significant amount, they will be unable to support your teeth. This may lead to cavities developing under the gums, as well as an increase in infections. Your dentist may have to graft new tissue in order to bring the area back to a healthy condition. In some cases, this tissue can be taken from other parts of your mouth, as well as from skin on other parts of your body. After the graft heals, your dentist may need to reshape the new tissue in order to create a perfect fit.

For the most part, you should be able to prevent receding gums from causing tooth loss later in life. that said, if you have not observed proper oral care, your dentist may need to take some additional steps in order to restore your gums to a condition where they can support your teeth. Since receding gums become more obvious as you reach middle age, it is very important to make sure you address this issue in order to keep your teeth intact and healthy for the rest of your life.

Sunbury Dentist Can Help with Tooth Sensitivity

Your Sunbury dentist will help to alleviate tooth/teeth sensitivity. Quick changes in temperatures, acidic beverages and foods, sweets, and tactile sensations were exposed dentin is present, can lead to tooth sensitivity. Your West London dentist will examine your mouth and will address this sensitivity problem.

Tooth sensitivity can occur when a tooth has exposed dentin, either due to receding gums or other reasons. Some reasons can include: brushing with a hard bristle brush; excessive enamel wear; gingival recession and damage to the teeth themselves; neglected dental caries; teeth whitener overuse; abrasive toothpastes; plaque build-up; and overuse of acid mouthwashes, and consumption of acidic foods and beverages. Routine dental treatments may also leave your teeth sensitive for a short time. Some ways that you can reduce tooth sensitivity comprise: Proper oral hygiene; the use of softer toothbrushes and toothpastes; use of fluoride containing products; and checking what you eat and drink. Also, make sure to seek regular checkups with your West London dentist. They will have several procedures they can perform to reduce or eliminate your tooth sensitivity.