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Advice from Mulberry Dental Care on Dental Implants in Weybridge

If you have ever had to have a major piece of surgery done in Weybridge on your body, it’s a stressful time, especially if you have to have an alien fitting made from a material that the body is not used to- this can also put an extra strain on you as your system tries to adjust to the ‘foreigner’. In dentistry, having a dental implant fitted is the same, and in time gone by, it could be an extremely complex operation. That was then, for dentistry has made incredible leaps forward with laser technology and computers, and procedures like dental implants have become as easy as having a plaster put on your finger. Yes, it does still involve a small titanium rod placed into the jawbone, but lasers have reduced the amount of stress placed onto the operational area, and that alone allows the gums and jawbone to recover faster. What the dental implant gives to your mouth however is phenomenal; an implant is going to be there for life and via any sort device you choose to put the smile back on your face….bridges, dentures or crowns, you will regain an incredible sense of freedom after tooth loss. This treatment is on your doorstep and if you have suffered from tooth loss for any reason, you should contact Mulberry dental care, get the advice you need and then plump for the treatment- pricey maybe, but get the right financial people on board and anyone can get this done.

The Choice of a Dental Implant in Weybridge

At Mulberry dental care, they know all there is to know about dental implants, but in these modern times, it isn’t heavy, gruesome reading like it would have been a decade ago, because the procedure has become more refined as dental technology has improved. The theory has never changed: the process involves screwing a small titanium rod into the jawbone that will eventually house your new fitting. In bygone years, this would involve drills and scalpels and stitching, which meant that the healing afterwards could take almost 6 Months. Thanks to modern technology in the form of a laser, a small implant, in fact, many can be placed in a day and in the case of denture wearers, you are good to go. Lasers cause very little damage to the jawbone and the surrounding gum tissue, in fact, it fuses the wound as it cuts so the gums recover quickly. The beautiful thing about implants is they are the perfect replacement to the root of a tooth, more resistant to infection and once they are in, they’re there forever. They perfectly house single crowns, dental bridges or dentures and make tooth replacement comfortable and more importantly, affordable- especially if you have insurance or a price plan going with your dentist, so come on toothless people of Weybridge, embrace the dental implant and put the life back into your mouth.


Patients from Weybridge Welcome Long-term Missing Tooth Solution

These days there are many dental procedures offering a solution to missing teeth. It is often difficult to decide which solution is best for you. The best way of deciding is to get as much information on different procedures as possible, decide what you want from your treatment and getting advice and help from a Mulberry Dental Care practitioner.

One solution to missing teeth for patients from Weybridge and further afield is dental implants and as the term ‘implant’ suggests, the treatment involves inserting a fake root made from titanium into your jaw. This may sound scary but it is a common and effective treatment and offers a long term solution to missing teeth.

The insertion of the fake root which is a cylinder shape can usually be done at the same time as the tooth removed to cut down on procedures needed. When a person loses a tooth the bone that surrounded the root will often crumble away which can affect the shape and look of the jaw area. Dental implants trigger bone growth which ultimately will fuse together with the false root over time.

Dental implants also form a strong foundation for dentures, so no more lose dentures or worrying about food you can eat. Often with dentures alone it can be difficult to eat hard foods but the implants provide support so you can eat whatever you like. There are no special methods of aftercare that you need to follow unlike some other dental procedures, maintaining a regular oral hygiene routine should be sufficient.


The procedure depends largely on individual patients but normally a local anaesthetic or sedation is involved. The procedure can be done in stages leaving time for the jaw and mouth to heal between stages of the treatment. If you are considering dental implants call Mulberry Dental Care who will provide advice and support.