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The impact of Implants in Surrey

Dental implants have always had an element of being a great way to overcome tooth loss ever since someone in Sweden came up with the idea in the 1950’s. But the idea of screwing a small titanium rod into the jaw back then was crippled by technology- it meant surgery being done with scalpels and drills, in turn this meant that once the operation was done, it would take months to recover from. Now though, these little babes can be fitted into the mouth in a matter of hours thanks to laser technology and so, little damage is done to the surrounding areas like the gums, which means that healing is quick. Of course, people are different and having a foreign body placed into the system can cause problems with some folk, but here’s the deal on this: titanium works and bonds well with the body’s system; the implant is strong and gives amazing strength and support to a new crown, dentures or a bridge. On paper, it looks scary, but really, it is as easy as having a tooth filled these days. Costs- it is the more expensive way to get over tooth loss but it is the best you can get so talk to your local dentist or if you live in the Surrey area, give Mulberry Dental Care a call; they work all around the county and are experts on such topics as this.

The Delightful Dental Implant in Surrey

For some people, the idea of anything dental related being delightful would take a lot of convincing, but when it comes to overcoming tooth loss, the dental implant truly is delightful. The amount of freedom it restores to the mouth after teeth have gone AWOL is incredible. It’s not a difficult procedure to have done either, whatever history says. In the past, the operation was fraught with problems because it was all done with traditional drills and scalpels. Now however, the introduction of the laser to dental procedures has made having a dental implant fitted as simple as having a filling done. Your mouth will first have a series of digital images taken and then fed into the computer in order to pinpoint the exact location where the placement should be made. Then, a laser burns a tiny hole through the gum tissue and into the jaw bone, after which, the tiny titanium implant is screwed into the bone. The joy of the laser is that it does a minuscule amount of damage and hence, the whole area recovers and heals extremely fast. Then when the healing is complete, the new tooth (crown) can be attached to the implant and you are as good as new (in some cases, when using mini-implants, such fittings can be fitted in a day). The joy of going down this route is that an implant is nowhere near as vulnerable to bacterial infections as your normal teeth, it’s as strong, if not stronger than your old teeth and once in the mouth, you have your implant for life. For more information on implant surgery in Surrey, you should contact Mulberry Dental Care of Walton.