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Dandy Bridges in your mouth in Kingston-upon-Thames

There are quite a few ways to repair the loss of teeth in the mouth, but as a Surrey practice suggests, you can do no wrong by opting for the tried and tested method of a dental bridge; the fact that they have been around for decades rather indicates just how successfully durable they are and they have even evolved. If you have only a single tooth to attach the new fitting to, it will be done using wires and resin. This can also be done when placing a fitting between two teeth, but the more traditional method around Kingston-upon-Thames is to have a new tooth moulded to two crowns that are then cemented over the adjacent teeth that remain. This bridge can cover several teeth that have been lost- however that could make the bridge weak in the middle, that was until the mini-implant came along- fit a couple of these and you can anchor the bridge solidly into place, making it last even longer than before. When you are fitted with your bridge, you will have to learn how to clean in and around them as they a notoriously good at housing food, but with a little help from your dentist you’ll be up and running in no-time, as will your beautiful smile that you may have thought you had lost forever.

The Famous Dental Bridge in Kingston-Upon-Thames

Many ideas and inventions can fall by the wayside, others re-invent themselves, and keep going and going. When it comes to dentistry, there is one that has been around for decades and looks as though it will for many more- the dental bridge. This has been by far the most popular choice in Kingston-upon-Thames to combat tooth loss over the years because it is simple to make, simple to fit, cheap and very durable. Taking in the health issues of losing a tooth or some teeth, other teeth in the mouth may move after the event, which can cause infection to set in and then you may lose more to gum disease or tooth decay, but by filling up the gap, the teeth will remain firmly in place. From a cosmetic point of view, filling in the hole can readdress the beauty of your smile that tooth loss can destroy. There are two general designs to bridges, the first is where teeth or a tooth have been lost between a row of other teeth, so to bridge the problem, two crowns that sit at the ends of the fitting are cemented onto the adjacent teeth that remain either side of the hole. This however, could be quite precarious in the past as the larger the gap the more unstable and fragile the bridge- that was until it was discovered that by using a mini-implant in the middle of the bridge could anchor it more stronger than ever before (the materials from which bridges are made these days are also more robust); the other type of bridge is one that attaches itself to a single tooth by wires and resin, usually to the rear of the mouth. Mulberry dental care can give you all the information you need to know about dental bridges.