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Surbiton Gets Ready To Bridge The Gap

Like a lot of treatments that have been around for a while, the dental bridge is one of those that has benefited greatly from the advances in technology that have swept through the dental world over the past 30 years. Mind you, it has always been an efficient way to fill the gap left after the trauma of tooth loss. New crowns would often be wired in and then covered over with resin, or, a new tooth would be moulded between two crowns and cemented to the adjacent teeth either side of the gap; this method still remains but the resin technique has been rather superseded since the mini dental implant came along. Combined with a bridge, an implant anchors the fitting firmly into the mouth for strength and durability. Cleaning has always been an issue with dental bridges; you have to ensure that you clean under and around them after eating with floss and small brushes- a mouthwash is helpful too, but this shouldn’t detract from how beneficial a bridge is to both restoring your smile, and maintaining the health of your mouth. Surbiton is fortunate to be served by Mulberry Dental Care of Surrey: these are well versed on dental bridges so if you need to know more about this, just give them a call; they will be more than happy to offer their advice.

Getting ‘Down’ With A Crown In Sunbury

The dental world and its patients adore a dental crown: they are excellent for rebuilding a tooth ravished by tooth decay and a natural replica for replacing a tooth that has been lost. Commonly, they are made from three types of material; gold, porcelain-over-metal or just pure porcelain, although they can be made from any material you like- after all, you are paying for them. If you want razzmatazz, then a gold crown is definitely the one to go for, though that’s not the only reason this material is used; it’s very strong and durable, and it can take quite a battering. For something that is in keeping with the natural balance of your mouth though, then the other two variations made from porcelain are the obvious choice. Porcelain-over-metal is also strong and robust and can absorb a lot of stress, whereas pure porcelain crowns, though fairly strong are pretty much for the shop window- the front of the mouth. Each type of crown has to be made up, so once the desired area has had a mould taken of it, then they can be manufactured precisely to fit your mouth; then they are just popped into place. Mulberry Dental Care of Surrey knows everything about crowns so call them up for more information, as they serve Sunbury.

Why People In Weybridge Get Passionate About Porcelain Veneers

There is a lot of natural beauty to be found in porcelain; beautifully translucent, it seems to catch the light and throw it back out again giving it a wonderful hue. This is why it is probably the most perfect material to make veneers from and then put into the mouth. If you are having lots of problems with your teeth due to years of use, this is the perfect way to cover everything up, restore the length of your teeth, and turn your smile back to what it was when you were younger. These fragile looking gems are made up from a cast taken of your teeth which on average, takes a couple of weeks, unless you go down the CEREC route, for this only takes 20 minutes to make the veneers. Which ever option you go for, the next stage involves cementing them over your old tired looking teeth, ‘cured’ by a heat source, and then gently cleaned and polished up. Though fragile to the touch, once veneers are in place, they become extremely strong and if you take care of them, they will give you at least 15 years of faithful service, which is one of the reasons why they are so well loved, that and the fact they leave with a smile that would grace Hollywood. For more information and expert advice, give Mulberry Dental Care a call; though based in Surrey, Weybridge is among one of the places they serve.

Getting A Thrill From Teeth Whitening In Molesey

With all the media, television and film industry flashing its beautiful teeth at you on a daily basis, you can be forgiven for feeling a little insecure about your own if they have become a little faded. However, it isn’t so hard to flash back at them and if you have a look around the shops or have a word with your dentist, you will find the answer to your woes somewhere. Whitening your teeth is just the job to thrill and excite you again and one of the most remarkable ways of going about this is laser whitening: you just sit in the dentists chair and relax for an hour; three quick blasts and you’re done. The results are great and it won’t cost a bomb either, or you can also ask your dentist about two of the hottest DIY kits around- from Zoom or Enlighten: these are taking the whitening market by storm. Both involve getting measured up first with your dentist and then doing the nitty-gritty work at home for a couple of weeks, but the results are considered to be the best money can buy. You also have the option to go it alone anyway: look around the shops because you can purchase toothpastes and various kits very cheaply that will put that little zest back into your smile. You’re spoilt for choice, so if you’d like some advice about teeth whitening, then give Mulberry Dental of Surrey a call first; the operate in Molesey and can give you the best advice before you make a decision on which option to choose.

The Beauty That Is Cosmetic Dentistry Woos Surbiton

The whole idea of cosmetic dentistry is aimed at making you look good when you smile and feel good about yourself, because a beautiful smile is as important as anything else on your body. There are lots of treatments available to help you get what you need, in fact, anything can be done: it will help you overcome tooth loss, chips cracks, gaps, discolouration, gummy smiles…it will even eliminate wrinkles on your face. You can get holes plugged up with bridges or dentures, worn teeth covered up with veneers or cosmetic bonding, teeth whitened or highly polished and you can get your gums laser contoured. When it comes to the wrinkles on your face, try a little BOTOX or dermal fillers to rekindle your youth. If you have a lot of work to be done, you should also ask your dentist about getting a package to give you a complete smile make-over at a fixed price. There is a lot to think about when it comes to cosmetic dentistry so you should get some advice in order to make the correct choices, therefore, give Mulberry Dental Care a call. They are based in Surrey yet they also serve the Surbiton area: these people can point you in the right direction.