Getting ‘Down’ With A Crown In Sunbury

The dental world and its patients adore a dental crown: they are excellent for rebuilding a tooth ravished by tooth decay and a natural replica for replacing a tooth that has been lost. Commonly, they are made from three types of material; gold, porcelain-over-metal or just pure porcelain, although they can be made from any material you like- after all, you are paying for them. If you want razzmatazz, then a gold crown is definitely the one to go for, though that’s not the only reason this material is used; it’s very strong and durable, and it can take quite a battering. For something that is in keeping with the natural balance of your mouth though, then the other two variations made from porcelain are the obvious choice. Porcelain-over-metal is also strong and robust and can absorb a lot of stress, whereas pure porcelain crowns, though fairly strong are pretty much for the shop window- the front of the mouth. Each type of crown has to be made up, so once the desired area has had a mould taken of it, then they can be manufactured precisely to fit your mouth; then they are just popped into place. Mulberry Dental Care of Surrey knows everything about crowns so call them up for more information, as they serve Sunbury.