How A Dentist Can Work With A Nervous Patient In Sunbury

Many people are scared of going to the dentist, some feel physical anxiety at the mere thought of entering a dental practice. This can impact on tooth health and can cause many problems such as gum disease, infection and decay. Often patients feel anxious at the thought of having needle injections at this is where our innovative CompuDent system comes into play. We offer our nervous patients a highly innovative alternative to traditional needles in the form of the Wand. The Wand is a lightweight small device which looks like a pen. Our innovative computer system controls the amount and even flow of the anaesthetic administered. This stops the sting that many patients complain about when having a normal injection with a syringe. The Wand is almost pain-free and eliminates the need to numb other areas on the mouth and face. We look after our nervous patients and make sure that they are completely comfortable before any treatment is administered. During the initial consultation one of our highly skilled dentists will converse with a new patient and any anxieties can be discussed beforehand. We want our patients to feel relaxed during treatment and The Wand can be a very successful alternative for needle phobic patients. Get in touch with the team at Mulberry Dental care near Sunbury for more information about our nervous patients treatment.