Surbiton Gets Ready To Bridge The Gap

Like a lot of treatments that have been around for a while, the dental bridge is one of those that has benefited greatly from the advances in technology that have swept through the dental world over the past 30 years. Mind you, it has always been an efficient way to fill the gap left after the trauma of tooth loss. New crowns would often be wired in and then covered over with resin, or, a new tooth would be moulded between two crowns and cemented to the adjacent teeth either side of the gap; this method still remains but the resin technique has been rather superseded since the mini dental implant came along. Combined with a bridge, an implant anchors the fitting firmly into the mouth for strength and durability. Cleaning has always been an issue with dental bridges; you have to ensure that you clean under and around them after eating with floss and small brushes- a mouthwash is helpful too, but this shouldn’t detract from how beneficial a bridge is to both restoring your smile, and maintaining the health of your mouth. Surbiton is fortunate to be served by Mulberry Dental Care of Surrey: these are well versed on dental bridges so if you need to know more about this, just give them a call; they will be more than happy to offer their advice.