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Pristine Porcelain Veneers in Worcester Park

If you contact Mulberry dental care today, you can get all the advice you need if your teeth are in need of a make-over in Worcester Park and depending just what it is you require, somewhere in the advice they will advocate the use of porcelain veneers. This treatment can turn the clock back and have you up and smiling in a fortnight. Pop into your dentists and have a discussion about how bad your teeth are and how they are affecting your life If you have receding gums, cracks, chips, wear and gums, the dentist will steer you towards porcelain veneers. For a start, porcelain is beautiful so imagine your teeth looking equally so, but as well as covering up the afore mentioned problems, they are very durable and treated with respect, can last you up to 15 years and beyond. It is a simple procedure to do; your dentist will first remove the enamel on the teeth and then take a mould from which the veneers can be made in a laboratory- this takes around two weeks during which, you will be fitted with temporary fittings until the real ones return. Then after being cemented into place and ‘fixed’ with a heat lamp, they are then cleaned and polished and you have a remarkable set of natural looking teeth that hides all of the problems below.

Enlighten Your Teeth in Surbiton Today

Some teeth whitening products give mediocre results, some good results, however, in Surbiton right now, you can get a product that gives fantastic results- Enlighten teeth whitening. This product is pretty much rated by dentists everywhere because it seems to work on all kinds of teeth. Another thing is that it involves the dentist as well whilst you get on with the guts of the process at home. Your dentist will set you up with a pair of bespoke bleaching trays and once you’re ready to go, you fill them with a bleaching agent and pop them on your teeth before you go to bed. For a good couple of weeks, you repeat the process each night whilst you sleep: it is wise to clean your teeth with whitening toothpaste and avoid smoking and staining foods and drinks. When you are done, you simply pop into the dentist for a quick laser blast and you have remarkable teeth that are good to go for a good three years, if you look after them before they need a top-up. But Enlighten has not sat back and wallowed in its glory- it has an incredible array of products you can use an even offers the option of a 60 minutes white-over at the dentists. If you have any questions, you should contact Mulberry dental care for a consultation about this desirable product.

Smiling in 6 Months Through Mulberry Dental Care, Available in Sunbury Now!

Every so often, the people that come up with new and gadgets get it horribly right and when it comes to teeth straightening, the 6 months smile is spot on. With some advice from Mulberry dental care, you can have this device fitted within the month in Sunbury. The theory behind this brace uses the same principles that have come from traditional braces and given it a modern slant. Braces work beautifully because they are very precise and directed at what needs to be done as with the 6 months smile, except it tends to concentrate on around 8 teeth towards the front of the mouth that are crooked, bucked or gapped. On the teeth are placed white coloured ceramic plates that are joined together by a thin wire and anchored to a bracket at the rear of the mouth. It is the use of natural coloured materials that make this device so discreet as it works your teeth into position- most treatments work on average between 6 and 9 months although during the process, you have to be extra vigilant when it comes to cleaning, as it can be tricky to get right. During the whole of the treatment, you will pay monthly visits to the dentist in order to get the brace tightened so that the teeth are kept on the move and after the treatment, you will need to wear a retainer for a while until the teeth are settled into position.


Lumineers vs Veneers-the Options in Surbiton with Mulberry Dental Care

Everyone loves the idea of a beautiful white smile and most surgeries around Surbiton have it in their power to give you exactly that by fitting you with either veneers or Lumineers. Traditional porcelain veneers are fantastic; once you opt for these, the dentists will prepare your teeth by removing the enamel and then take a moulding of your teeth. In a couple of weeks, after the fitting has been made from the mould, they will be cemented into place to give a fantastic natural hue to the mouth. Composite resin veneers can be done on the spot. This method involves laying on several layers of resin until there is enough to sculpture into shape. Lumineers are just a hybrid derivative of the porcelain veneer except they are a lot thinner which means that you keep the enamel of your teeth and simply attach the fitting onto the surface of the tooth- which makes this process reversible. In all cases, these treatments cover up an incredible range of ageing issues in the mouth, from gaps to worn down teeth and they can turn back your smile by a good 20 years. All have their benefits so you should contact Mulberry Dental Care for advice about each one.


Mulberry Dental Care Gives You Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Surrey

There are a lot of ways of whitening your teeth in Surrey, but one of the most comprehensive methods is the Zoom system, details of which you can get from Mulberry dental care. It all took off when it was used in a highly popular make-over program on TV to whiten teeth and suddenly, it was available at most dentists and boy how it worked! It is such a cheap process and very quick; you park your bottom in the chair and then the dentist smothers your teeth in a bleaching gel. A heat source is then fired at your teeth and the whitening begins then you have a couple of more quick blasts and you’re done in 60 minutes. This treatment can alter your teeth with up to 10 different shades and such is the purity of the finish, it completely transforms your mouth- which is why this became so popular so quickly. But not content with showing off how good this treatment was at the dentists, Zoom then upped the stakes and brought out a range of products so that you could do the work at home. They supply the bespoke bleaching trays that fit so well, you can bleach your teeth while you sleep if you so choose! So come on, what you are waiting for, get down to your dentist and ask about Zoom!