Crowning Your Teeth in a Day in Shepperton with CEREC

Crowns are one of those fittings in the mouth that have evolved over the decades as new and more stronger materials have been found to make them from. But generally fitting them would have taken anywhere up to a month to fit, but oh, modern dentistry, don’t you just love it! In Shepperton right now is a style of treatment which can have you in and fitted with a new crown in under an hour- CEREC. It incorporates all that is brilliant about computers and digital imaging: when you go along for your treatment, your teeth will first be digitally x-rayed and images taken that will then flash up on a computer screen, along with an image of your new crown. The dentist will then feed the information into an engineering dream of a machine that will create your new crown out of a single block of zirconium based ceramic (extremely strong) in as little as 15 minutes, during which time you will be cleaned up and readied for your crown, which then done is fitted straight away. The beauty about this is that if there are any flaws in the crown or it is ill-fitting, it can be refined on the spot, as opposed to sending it away again. Mulberry dental care can help you make your choices and tell you where to go for treatment, but if you are in a rush, what better way to get your mouth sorted out- an hour!!