Worcester park dentists use lasers in dentistry to prevent pain

Despite some initial criticism and skepticism, lasers are playing an ever more important role in modern dentistry. It is hard to believe that lasers have now been widely used for nearly 20 years, but they still have a key role to play in the future. The increased accuracy a laser provides is a priceless tool in modern cosmetic dentistry.

Lasers can be used for a wide variety of purposes in the dentist’s surgery. Their uses include: as activating agents in whitening procedures, to remove tissue samples for biopsy, reshaping gums, and for more general bacteria fighting and hardening purposes. Lasers work by delivering a high-intensity form of energy as light and can be controlled to microscopic degrees

As an added benefit, because of the intense levels of heat focused in a laser it acts as a sterilizing agent during procedures which reduces the risk of any post-procedural infection developing. They are also increasingly popular because they are relatively painless. This can greatly reduce anxiety for many patients who aren’t fond of visiting the dentist.

Worcester Park dentists use lasers because of these obvious advantages and because of the all round precision that a laser can offer. Lasers are the dentistry tool of the present and the future. Ask your dentist if laser treatment could make your next trip a pain-free one.