Why you should have Cosmetic Bonding in Surbiton

Choosing the right cosmetic treatment that suits you in Surbiton can be a bit of a nightmare, as there are so many treatments around these days. But one of the most important factors relating to your choice is to make sure your don’t get caught up in the euphoria of what looks great from what you’ve seen on |TV and opt for the more expensive treatments, when you really don’t need them. If your teeth are generally, in good shape, then your dentist will probably advise you to have a ‘touch-up with some cosmetic bonding to restore your teeth to their former glory. It’s simple, cheap and just as affective as anything you’ve seen on the box. It’s a straight forward process: your teeth are prepped with an etching gel and then layer of resin are laid onto the teeth and ‘cured’ with a heat lamp until the tooth has been restored; then it’s sculptured and polished. This is a fantastic method for getting rid of old fillings, chips, gaps and cracks and great for plugging gaps and removing stains- they can even be coloured to suit your existing teeth.

But the main benefit of this treatment is that the minimum of damage is done to the enamel of the tooth. It’s not always considered to be the most durable of treatments around, but excellent if you’re in a rush and always on the go.