Why Molesey appreciates the Dental Implant

Any form of tooth loss can be frightening at the time, but it can affect you even more once you have got over the initial trauma and see how it has affected the way you smile. It is therefore important to find a shoulder to confide on and find ways of getting around the problem: Mulberry Dental Care from Walton-on-Thames is a professional outfit that can give you the best advice about the problems of tooth loss and if you live in Molesey, you are in luck, as they serve the area. One of the treatments they may suggest to you is dental implant surgery. This involves placing a small titanium rod into your jawbone with laser surgery; it’s a simple procedure and once it is done and you have come through it, it is probably the most durable answer to losing a tooth or in fact teeth, that is on the market today. An implant doesn’t tend to suffer from infections like a natural tooth would and once the new crown has been attached to it an implant will be ever-lasting. This surgery has also diversified into other fields of tooth loss as well, such as supporting dental bridges and dentures. The freedom this treatment gives is remarkable and though it may appear expensive, remember- it’s for life!