Whiten Your Teeth in Sunbury

When making a decision to have teeth whitened in the dental office, be sure to discuss all aspects of the whitening and your concerns with your dentist in Sunbury. When visiting Sunbury, the dentist will be able to determine by your existing tooth shade how well teeth react to the whitening process, as different colourations respond differently teeth whitening. Your Sunbury dentist will determine if your teeth can be effectively whitened, or if you require a different dental procedure brighten your smile, as white fillings and porcelain veneers will not get whitened using this method.If your dentist determines that your condition will respond to teeth whitening, he will suggest various methods, but most often will a recommend a whitening procedure be performed in the office, usually taking a few visits for approximately 30-60 minutes each. This in-office procedure requires the placing of an isolation shield and gel to properly isolate the area being treated, to avoid oral soft tissue irritation. The whitening medium is then put onto the desired teeth, and a lamp is positioned in immediate proximity to improve the gel’s results.

At times, your dentist will dispense whitening gels. Containing peroxide(s), these gels vary in carbamide peroxide (i.e., 10%, 16%, or 22%) levels. This gel medium is used overnight in soft clear-rubber appliances fabricated especially for you by your dentist. Teeth whitening treatments are essentially individualised, and your Sunbury dentist can decide which best fit your needs. Let your dentist know if you experience any side-effects.