What to do about Bleeding Gums in Sunbury

Blood at the best of times, generally indicates a problem, repetitive blood from your gums, definitely means you have problem, and as long as you’re not brushing your teeth too heavily, then it indicates you may have gum disease. It a problem that many of us in Sunbury will probably suffer from at some point- our general starch and sugar based foods and drinks, certainly don’t help. But like most problems associated with the mouth, bleeding gums and gum disease, or gingivitis, can have a knock-on affect throughout the rest of the mouth and body. Again and again, most of these problems are caused by poor oral hygiene and diet. It’s the build up of several factors that starts with plaque, then gum disease, to periodontal disease- then your teeth can drop out, and if you think that bad, gum disease has be identified to have a strong bearing on heart and diabetic issues. At the first sign of bleeding gums, you must counter it with a two pronged attack, starting with your dentist, to find out the extent of how bad your gums are. It might even involve some treatment and whilst you’re there, you should talk about the best way of looking after your gums because there are enough products out there that will help. But the biggest thing you should analyze is your life style and maybe alter it, for your health and your gums.